Levi's Provides Fantastic Service Once You Email Their PR Department

Last week, we shared Francis’s story of a package mixup at Levi’s. The company sent him the wrong box, and customer service reps seemed more worried about getting the incorrect package back than about making sure that his order was correct. Francis wrote to us, but shortly afterward he sent the same message to every Levi’s PR contact he could find–and heard back within the hour from a wonderfully helpful employee in the Corporate Affairs department. Yay! We love happy endings.

He writes:

In my original posting I believe I said “I am not holding my breath” in relation to my original order arriving by December 7th. Well if I had held my breath I wouldn’t have had to hold it long. I am compelled to tell you of the happy ending to this story that literally has turned my thoughts about Levis customer service a full about face.

After originally writing the consumerist.com I proceeded to look over whom I could contact on the Levis.com website to tell them of my experience with their customer service phone line and my disappointment with the no-mans-land situation I felt I was left in. I ended up writing to all the media contact email(s) I found on their site with a message mirroring my original email to the Consumerist.

Within 30 minutes of writing Levis at 10pm on a Friday night I was contacted by [redacted] from their Corporate Affairs Department. [redacted] had no knowledge of me writing your site and her only consideration was with making things right with my order. She Immediately apologized for my experience and asked respectful questions that allowed her to reproduce my order. Then she re-ordered my previous jeans selections and had them overnighted to me.

We exchanged at least twenty emails over the last week to follow-up with me on my old order, to supply me with a correct tracking number for my new order, to make sure that I received my new order and so forth. I supplied her with the other customers order number so she could make sure they would receive their order properly as well, this was at my doing and received with appreciation by her when I asked if she would like that information so she could stop a second persons situation from getting worse.

She went way above and beyond to make this situation right, she even contacted me throughout what I am guessing were supposed to be her days off. Throughout this entire process all I wanted was my order and Rosie made that happen. The story could end here but Rosie went even further above and beyond what was necessary or expected and offered me a complementary pair of Levis jeans of my choice.

So although when i wrote my original email to you the thoughts at that time were warranted, it actually saddened me today to see my words in print because Levis has in fact turned one of the worst customer experiences of my life into ultimately the best one I have ever had. Please let your readers know that Levis takes customer support seriously and they will do whatever it takes to make a situation right. If you a Levis employee and are reading this, feel proud you work for a company that cares about its customers. Thanks for reading my follow-up and happy holidays!

That is truly wonderful to hear. However, he didn’t get great service through the regular customer service channels: he had to fight for it. Francis’s experience shows that it’s not enough to make one phone call or send one e-mail to customer service and then throw your hands up in despair like you just don’t care. He got amazing service by using skills he learned from reading Consumerist, and finding another way to get the company’s attention. You can, too.

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