Bride Sues Runaway Groom For $100,000 Wedding

A jilted bride is suing her ex-beau who dumped her days before the wedding, leaving her standing at the altar holding a bill for nearly $100,000 in wedding expenses.

The woman, who is an attorney, claims she pent $30,000 to reserve the banquet hall, $10,000 for the orchestra, $11,000 on flowers and lighting, $5,000 on a wedding gown and $600 on wedding shoes. There was also $70.40 to send wedding cancellation notices.

The suit claims two counts, one of “breach of promise to marry” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” The former bride seeks over $95,000 in damages.

Bride sues runaway groom [Chicago Sun-Times] (Thanks to David!)

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