What's The Crappiest Gift You've Ever Received?

With the Christmas countdown in full effect and Hanukkah 2010 in the books, the topic of gifts and gift-giving is everywhere. But for all the holiday cheer and goodwill, some gifts are bad enough to bring out the Scrooge in all of us.

So here’s your chance to revisit those holiday horror stories of getting a year’s supply of Spam or that sweater with the battery-powered, light-up Rudolph nose or that copy of Dianetics from that cousin with the creepy look in his eye.

We’d also love to know what you did with the craptastic gift. Did it go into the back of the closet to be forgotten or did you re-gift it to your Secret Santa giftee at work?

Please share your misery in the comments. And maybe we can do some gift matchmaking — You never know who might want that Barry Manilow 8-Track you’ve never listened to.

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