Time Warner Cable Keeps Bugging Me, Brags It's Immune To Do Not Call Registry

Julius thought he was protected against telemarketers by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry, but a gleefully irritating Time Warner Cable rep informed him that this isn’t so. Because he’s a subscriber, TWC is allowed to toss telephonic sales pitches his way. Businesses with an established relationship with customers can phone them up to 18 months after their last transaction.

Still, the cable company is crossing boundaries. His story:

Time Warner Cable has been calling over and over during the course of the past few days, trying to upsell me to one of their “digital cable” packages. I barely watch TV, and I’ve considered becoming a cord-cutter on more than one occasion. They once even called me on my cell phone on a Friday night while I was in a bar (with a couple of drinks in me, of course). Despite this, the guy had the gall to proceed to tell me about the wonders of paying more money for their service.

That in and of itself would be annoying enough, but today I got YET ANOTHER call while I was at work. This time, I told the lady (politely) that I’m not interested and to please take me off the list because I keep getting calls from them. She informed me that “Time Warner Customers are exempt from the National Do Not Call List.” Uh, excuse me? Is this true?

Click on this link to file a complaint for a Do Not Call List violator.

What do you do to prevent telemarketers from disrupting you?

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