Woman Fights Foreclosure For 25 Years

This lady has been successfully fighting off foreclosure for twenty-five years, pulling out every trick in the book along the way. But her winning streak may be drawing to a close.

She’s claimed her (now-deceased) husband’s signature was forged on the mortgage, and twice got the case against her tossed out after a lender waited too long to start foreclosing after it filed. She now asserts that no one owns the note because of fraud and paperwork snafus that emerged as the mortgage was transferred between four different owners.

The present owner vows that it will successfully foreclosure against her this time, just as soon as her bankruptcy proceedings, which put an effective stop on all foreclosure action, get done with.

As more homeowners hire foreclosure defense attorneys to try to save their homes, they will be trying at least some of the methods this woman used. And with the lax and forged paperwork rife within the industry, they have a fighting chance at winning, or at least delaying until they can secure a settlement.

The 25-Year ‘Foreclosure From Hell’ [WSJ]

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