U.S. Airways Flight Grounded After Dog Bites Passenger & Flight Attendant

In spite of all the advanced screening technology and techniques being used at airports these days, terrorists are still able to sneak on board planes and disrupt the flight — in the form of dogs.

Earlier today, a U.S. Airways flight en route from Newark to Phoenix was forced to make a pit stop in Pittsburgh when a canine travel got bite-happy and chowed down on a passenger and a flight attendant.

The pooch, described as a small dog, had been brought onto the plane in a carrier, only to be set free on the unsuspecting passengers by its owner.

A rep for the airline told the media that the severity of the bites was unclear but the pilot decided to land in Pittsburgh to make sure everyone was okay.

“The captain felt in the interest of safety, it was better to land and have them looked at than continue on,” said the rep.

Should passengers be allowed to carry on non-service pets?

Plane lands in Pittsburgh after dog bites passenger, flight attendant [NY Post]

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