What's On Your Holiday Wish List?

The holiday shopping season began last week and the holiday gift-giving season kicks off tonight at sunset with Hanukkah: Day 1. We already asked you what your smartest purchases have been so far, but now it’s time to focus on those things you want other people to buy for you.

Even if you and your friends and loved ones are over the whole gift-giving thing — or maybe you just focus getting things for the kids — we still want to know what things you’d love to get as a gift but haven’t gotten around to purchasing for yourself.

Maybe you kinda want an iPad but don’t feel like paying for one. Or that really cool Nintendo controller rug is just too frivolous to spend your own money on — but would be pretty sweet to get from your significant other?

So go ahead… think big, be creative and tell us your holiday wish list in the comments.

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