Roadside Sign Spinning Outsourced To Pulchritudinous Robot

Rob noticed something uncanny about this sign spinner advertising for a local jewelry store. He was drawn in by her defined features and lifeless gaze, and the expert way in which she moved the sign in the exact same motion every time. Upon closer inspection, he realized that she was no ordinary sign spinner, but an android!

mankinsign.jpgSee, the reason why sign spinners exist is because 1) billboard ads are expensive and 2) towns don’t let you just stake or put up signs wherever you want.

But if you have a person holding the sign, than it’s okay. You just need to find some schmuck to hold the sign. In this case, the jewelry store is okay having a fixed location sign because it’s standing on their parking lot. They’ve just decided to tweak the trend by having robo-girl hold the sign. Not having to pay a wage is another upside.

Dem robots took our jobs! Here’s a video of her in action:

You have to admit, she’s pretty good. Someone should put her in a local production of Les contes d’Hoffmann.

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