Government May Use Tech To Stop Cell Phone Use In Cars

People are so insistent on driving while using their cell phones that only death in a car accident will stop them from doing so. Spurred by the prevalence of fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers — 5,500 last year — the government is mulling over the concept of using technology to force drivers to put down their phones.

MSNBC reports the U.S. Department of Transportation is evaluating devices that will disable cell phones if they’re moving at a specific speed. Finally, Sandra Bullock’s people have a solid idea for Speed 3.

MSNBC speaks to an expert who speculates that “driven” drivers will find ways to work around such technology, so no matter what’s implemented, it will be up to drivers to make the right decision.

Do you think it’s worth giving up the ability to drive-and-dial in return for increased safety?

Gov’t evaluating cell phone blocking tech in cars [MSNBC]
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