Emailing Sears CEO Gets Broke Socket Wrench Replaced

One of our readers works in automotive repair, using a set of Craftsman tools he inherited from his pops. The tools have a lifetime guarantee, so he was shocked when after his 1/8th inch socket split he went into Kmart and they said, “Oh, no you have to go to Sears to do that.” (Kmart and Sears merged in ’05). So he did, by emailing the CEO of Sears.

That was 10pm last night. At 9:30 am this morning he got a call from Rafeh Masood, VP of Store Operations. He was super apologetic and offered three things:

* His direct cell number
* A time to meet the district manager to make sure the exchange went ok
* A $50 gift certificate

He went in and got his wrench exchanged without a hitch. The district manager also pledged to make sure that all the Kmart employees at that location and other locations in the area selling Craftsmen tools would get training in how to handle a tool exchange.

Our reader says this experience totally “blew him away.”

“This made my opinion of Sears/Kmart do a full 180,” he wrote, “and I really think your readers should know that they really seem to be putting serious effort into customer satisfaction.”

Indeed, Sears, long-maligned by our readers for subhuman customer service, does seem to be trying to remake their image. The fellow Rafeh our reader dealt with appears in a YouTube video encouraging customers to contact him and other members of the Sears “Blue Crew” directly with any problems at 224-698-9314. Guess they aren’t just a Best Buy ripoff after all.

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