Bans, Controversy Spark Four Loko Buying Run

Ah, the taste of forbidden fruit… juice flavor mixed with caffeine and alcohol. Since states and municipalities started banning Four Loko and the Food and Drug Administration classified caffeine as an unsafe additive to malt liquor, stores can’t keep the stuff on shelves. In response to the FDA ultimatum, the beverage maker has pledged to drop caffeine from the drink, but the original article is still out there.

The Washington Post reports Four Loko buying binges are raging, given that the FDA move has given manufacturers less than two more weeks to legally distribute the caffeinated version of the beverage. The Post story says college students — the very class of people who through a spotlight on Four Loko by suffering alcohol poisoning from it — are stockpiling Four Loko for farewell parties.

Four Loko ban fuels buying binge [The Washington Post]

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