Go Hiking In Style With These Teva Stiletto Heels

Teva sandals are no longer for granola-crunching outdoors types. Now the fashion-conscious adventurer can go straight from the rugged rocks to the black-tie fundraiser without missing a beat.

The heels, an ungodly creation of Teva and NY-based clothing company Grey Ant, are available in two styles: “Worlds Unite” (aka black and white) and “Natural” (aka tan) and retail for the low-low price of $330.00.

And these sky-high heels aren’t just for hitting the trail and/or the red carpet. Judging by these photos, they are also perfect for an afternoon of some heavy-duty yard work.


This Really Exists: The Teva Stiletto [theGloss.com]


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  1. obits3 says:

    I wonder if that heel is strong enough to stab sombody in the neck (by kicking)?

  2. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    If that sucker comes in a wedge, I’m all about it.

  3. MostlyHarmless says:

    127 hours with those would make you desperate enough to amputate feet.

  4. ZIMMER! says:

    I would never wear something like that. I must say that those are really silly.Working in the garden, my bum….People with more money than brains would buy those.

  5. toluise86 says:

    for $330 I’d go out and buy a pair of Stuart or Jimmy’s and stay at home..no one with the respect for actual labor would ever wear these, and as an avid heel wearer myself, no F*ing way would I hike in these, no matter what they claim.

  6. phira says:

    Someone, please tell me that this is a hoax and that Teva isn’t seriously going to be selling these ridiculous shoes. HOW are these even useful?

    • Hoot says:

      Looks like an overpriced novelty item to me.

    • Collateral Damage says:

      I wonder if it’s a hoax too. The newhighmart ad says ‘as seen in dailycandy’ and dailycandy says ‘order by phone from newhighmart.’

      This only makes sense if they’re playing around.

  7. humperdinck says:


  8. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    This better be a snark, or I hope they burn.

  9. El_Fez says:

    Socks while wearing sandals? My mind cant stand the fashion faux pas!

  10. JulesNoctambule says:

    I didn’t think I could hate a footwear style more than I hate socks being worn with sandals.

    I stand corrected.

    • Mike says:


    • The cake is a lie! says:

      Hey, there is a first for everything. They aren’t sandals, so you can’t really hate them for wearing socks with them. Besides… based on the legs extending out of those socks, I wouldn’t care what she was wearing with her $300 shoes.

  11. The cake is a lie! says:

    These aren’t any more ridiculous than some of the other fashion wear I’ve seen on the red carpet. Besides, Laura Croft needs some stilettos sometimes too, ya know.

  12. sonneillon says:

    I know someone who does everything in heals. I once saw her overtake her husband in a foot race while she was wearing heals (he was wearing work boots). It was singly the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen her do. I think this shoe might be made for her.

  13. Red Cat Linux says:


    There must surely be a niche market for these. I love my Tevas, and I own several models of them, both sporty and casual. But these…. these are some sort of sports sandal fetishist’s wet dream.

  14. BorkBorkBork says:

    So this is what a hippie prostitute would wear…

  15. what-me-worry? says:

    Ladies and gentlemen we have just invented a new comparison. “You are as useless as Teva stilettos”.

  16. Memtex784 says:

    Stylish while slinging mud, not that I wouldn’t mind watching :)

  17. al says:

    For when a lesbian just wants to dress up for a night.

  18. savashley says:

    I do all of my gardening in my underwear, a longsleeve button-up and Teva stilettos with socks underneath. Completely practical.

  19. jedifarfy says:

    Oh god, these are going to be ALL over Seattle by the summer. Vomit.

  20. webweazel says:

    I’m not a granola-crunching hippie, although I DO wear Tevas. They keep my feet cool in the broiling-oven summers around here and last almost forever. That said, even if I didn’t wear Tevas (and they were a HELL of a lot cheaper) I would jump all over these. (NO SOCKS!)
    I’ve always dug the idea of various odd shoes and sneakers made into heels. I’ve been wanting a pair of HH sneakers since I was in my 20s. Size 11’s in women’s are almost impossible to get a hold of, though, in any style shoe. So, I stick with Chucks.

  21. goodfellow_puck says:

    I have one friend who wears heels enough that her feet hurt if she wears flat shoes. She’s bought keds and tennis shoes to work her yard in and given then to others because they hurt her feet. She absolutely does yard work (heavy duty, even) in heels–but in BOOT heels, not strappy stilettos with socks! Notice how the girl in the “natural” heels has one heel planted farther in the ground than the other? That’s exactly why you can’t work or hike in stilettos, no matter how often you wear heels. I call hoax.

  22. BigSlowTarget says:

    > also perfect for an afternoon of some heavy-duty yard work.

    Provided the plan for the afternoon was to aerate the lawn.

  23. ORPat says:


  24. MysticYoYo says:

    Want. Sans socks.

  25. Razor512 says:

    It is good to be in fashion while doing stuff like hiking.

    Here is my interpretation of a woman who might want them.

    “Yea so I was out hiking by my self the other day when I came across a deer. I don’t have anything against deer’s but this deer was looking at me going like ” those boots are soooo yesterday”. So I decided to get these new $300 Stilettos, and now I can hike by my self with out looking like a fashion outcast to the local deer”

    PS there is a special offer going on. Order the shoes in the next 30 minutes and you will receive a free sample pack of oxycodone (just pay separate shipping and handling)