For Kids Who Celebrate Their First Thanksgiving At Age 2

Maybe your kid slept through his first Thanksgiving. Maybe you adopted him from another country. Or maybe he chose not to observe the holiday last year as some sort of protest, latching on to an activist movement in his youth, only to see the error of his ways and join in the turkey-munching fun this year.

Whatever the case, don’t laugh at how Babies R Us is selling 24-month-old sizes of “My First Thanksgiving shirts, because there must be some people out there who demand such a thing.


(Thanks, Franco!)


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  1. Alvis says:

    Or maybe the whole family just came to the US

  2. indeeme says:

    Or maybe the 12 mo. size doesn’t fit…

  3. Holybalheadedchrist! says:

    Or maybe it is the first they will remember–or are at least aware of. Even at 11 or 12 months, they have barely any idea what is happening most of the time.

    • dorianh49 says:

      I don’t think children start forming long-term memories until age 3 or 4. I only have a couple of memory-flashes from when I was 3, and nothing from when I was 2.

      • JulesNoctambule says:

        Depends on the kid, I’d imagine; I have very clear memories between the ages of one (I recall my first birthday in detail, and my mom says it’s spot-on) and five, but after that things get hazy. This coincides with when I first started to get migraines, so make of that what you will!

      • Holybalheadedchrist! says:

        Children cannot form lasting memories until they possess narrative–the ability to tell themselves what they saw, or articulate an experience. So, it may be true that more well-developed, lasting memories don’t form until they are closer to 3 or 4. However, it does seem they can form “lasting” memories–memories that stay with them for a few years–during their first few years of life. While they may not retain these memories when they are adults, or even older children, it is not uncommon for a 4 year old to remember things that happened at 1 1/2, or 2, but those memories may fade when they get to 6, 7, 8, etc.

        My point was that seeing a “turkey,” learning the word “Thanksgiving,” and all that stuff doesn’t really happen until closer to two. Children very often can speak by 1, but their understanding of celebrating holidays doesn’t really stick with them until 2-3 years of age.

        24 Month clothing seems perfectly appropriate for a child. Besides, the marketing is entirely for the parents, who may be celebrating their first Thanksgiving.

  4. badachie says:

    Believe or not, there are 11 month old babies that require 24 month clothes.

    • Ilovegnomes says:

      I agree. My nephew is 6 months old and wearing 12 month old clothes already. There is also an inconsistency in sizing between manufacturers.

    • kathyl says:

      THIS! Mine did, and she wasn’t “fat”, as some other commenters are saying, she just grew very quickly and was wearing 18 mo and 24 mo sizes before her first birthday. It’s not actually that uncommon.

    • MikeM_inMD says:

      I believe you. All three of my kids were wearing clothes sized at least six months older than their age throughout their toddlerhood.

    • Kuchen says:

      True. My niece was in 2T and 3T clothes by her first birthday. She’s very tall.

      • nbs2 says:

        And then you have our second. He’s about to hit a year and can wear anything from 6-12m. His sister, on the other hand, is 3 and wears size 6 pjs.

  5. Hungry Dog says:

    I thought part of the point of having kids was to dress them in embarrassing outfits for the amusement of all.

  6. Bodger says:

    Or a really really fat kid? It isn’t as if they are all that rare.

  7. framitz says:

    My three month old nephew was wearing one of those shirts yesterday.
    He’ll probably be wearing 24 month clothing by the time he turns one.

  8. bubbledumpster says:

    I celebrated Thanksgiving with a 2 year old yesterday. It was her third Thanksgiving.

    • Straspey says:


      2-year old child…

      3rd Thanksgiving…

      I’m having some trouble with the math…

      • Spaceman Bill Leah says:

        The SpaceToddler will be turning 3 next month and Celebrating his 4th Christmas. That’s how it works if you are born right before a holiday. First Christmas=1 week old, second Christmas=age1, etc.

        • Straspey says:

          Thanks for that…

          I was afraid the OP was talking about the SpaceBaby doing his first Thanksgiving in a pre-natal state.

          You know – liquid turkey, direct delivery and all that.

      • Wrathernaut says:

        It’s really not that complicated.
        Born on Oct 1st.
        Thanksgiving #1: 0 years old
        Thanksgiving #2: 1 years old
        Thanksgiving #3: 2 years old

  9. Whtthfgg says:

    arrrgh…pointless phil post

    • Sardis says:

      yea and only 5 today, slippppin’

    • LINIStittles says:

      Agreed. Was there no thought put into this? Oh wait….

    • El_Red says:

      He could have googled better ideas for an article.
      Like :
      Kardashian Kard a consumer rip-off, claim some lawmakers
      CONSUMER FINANCE: U.S. College Students Explore U.K. Options
      Consumer Panel Finds Blu-ray Often Little Better Than DVD

      Wasn’t too difficult, was it?

  10. J_Sch_1104 says:

    My kids were always always wearing larger clothes 3 to 6 months than their age. I could see a very large year old needing 24 months.

  11. thesalad says:

    It’s a suggestion not a strict timeframe.

  12. cupcake_ninja says:

    International adoption?

  13. cmdr.sass says:

    If you ever have kids, you’ll realize how meaningless those size tags really are. I

    • ginnel says:

      Exactly. The size tags are meaningless. Every size 24 mo. is different and every child is different. My child wore this size at his first thanksgiving and he was by no means fat.

  14. LorgSkyegon says:

    My son needed month clothes by his first Thanksgiving. His half-brother needed 24 month. Both are absolutely enormous – between 97th and 99th percentiles in height and weight

    Beyond that, what about immigrants?

  15. jrs45 says:

    It’s just for big kids. We didn’t have a “first” thanksgiving shirt for our 11-month-old, but she would have fit into a 24mo pretty well. (Outgrowing the 18mo clothes already.)

  16. Caulkman says:

    My daugther is 13 months old and has been wearing 18-24 month outfits for a couple months. So if she had been born one month later, she would have been wearing that size for her first Thanksgiving. My daughter is already taller and heavier than each of my 2.5-year-old nieces.

  17. yusefyk says:

    Are you serious?

  18. HeavyMental says:

    they took a trip to canada, right after our thanksgiving and went back home to the US past your thanksgiving !

    there you go, no turkey for you 1 year old kid !

  19. GameHen says:

    My 13 month old easily fits 24 month old clothes. He’s 99th percentile for height; 50th percentile for weight.

  20. JANSCHOLL says:

    If a child was born last December 1-2009-like my friend’s baby was and was 2 ounces shy of 11 pounds, she could not wear newborn and went immediately into 6-9 months sizing because the sizes have nothing to do with actual age but with perceived size. So this year at almost a year old, she is larger than most babies in general. And it’s her first Thanksgiving. BTW-mom is 6’2″ and dad is 6’6″. So why shouldn’t she get to weat this jammie like a lot of others? It is her first!

  21. anime_runs_my_life says:

    Or maybe the child was just a newborn for their first Thanksgiving, like a few people at my company.

  22. sonnetfm says:

    Or maybe it is the only size that fits the baby. I had to buy that thing in 18 months for my 6 month old.
    What a worthless article.

  23. Darkneuro says:

    It’s the size of the kids.
    It’s all over the news, innit? American=obese & stupid?
    So yeah… 24 mo for an infant? Happens.

  24. crazedhare says:

    Wow, Consumerist, way to sort of be shocked-but-not and really dismissive of alternative family arrangements, etc. What a crappy post to make, ewh.

  25. HowdyHowdyHowdy says:

    Okay, I was invited to a 1st birthday party and the birthday girl’s invitation said: Size 24mos clothes and size 5 shoes. That is one huge baby. I’d put up photos but I don’t want to be that much of an asshole.

  26. Charmander says:

    Let me guess, Phil doesn’t have kids and has never been around babies much……

  27. humphrmi says:

    It’s astounding, time is fleeting…

  28. bastion72 says:

    Woohoo, I made the front page of The Consumerist! Yeah, that’s me that sent these pictures in and I’m going to be a dad on Christmas Eve. So all you poo-pooers out there give me a break with the hating cause I don’t have kids but my wife and I got a good laugh.

  29. Balaenoptera says:

    My 6 mo old niece is wearing 18 month clothes already (her father’s about 6’7″) so it could be useful

  30. Intheknow says:

    First of all, clothing shrinks when washed. Second, many children can wear size 24 months at about 1 year of age, even if it is a little loose. How is this a story on consumerist? BFD!

  31. rjy9343 says:

    I have to agree with all the parents who say the sizes are more or less a guess. My nephew was in six month sizes at three months, my friend has a son who wore eighteen months before he was one and my five month old is still in three month sizes. It is not hard to imagine a baby in twenty four months.

  32. bobosgirl says:

    hey, uh..Phill? tell me again how you keep your job at Consumerist? My 5 month old grandaughter wears size 9 months. She’ll be 6 months on Xmas day, and i bought size 12 months for her as gifts. No child ever wears the size that they are in age. Theres a boy in my 10 yr. old’s class whose parents are 6’5 and 6’7, and I’ll bet he wore this his first Thanksgiving. Research, dude, research. :(

    • DeathByCuriosity says:

      My daughter is 5 months old and wearing 6 mos. clothing, and it’s still a bit too big for her. She’s a preemie and in the 5th percentile. I thought it was odd that she could fit into clothes for her age (she wore 3 mos. size at 3 mos. of age) but apparently most kids are beyond their age-sizes. My friend’s son is 1 year old and he wears a 2T. The kid is built like a football player already…not fat, but very tall and large-framed.

  33. Geekmom says:

    Baby clothes runs small for some reason. A lot of 12 months old babies wear size 24 months.

  34. human_shield says:

    Obviously you haven’t seen how friggin huge some 1 year olds can be.

  35. yessongs says:

    I have a little girl I adopted from China, and she was 5 when she had her first Thanksgiving.

  36. WVUmountaineers says:

    I think everyone is getting a little sidetracked, the post isn’t meant to REALLY pose a question, but simply to entertain.

    Get a chuckle out of it and move on, people are too negative nowadays.

  37. Lear100 says:

    My “My First Arbor Day” shirt is totally cooler than this shirt.

  38. bstewart says:

    Believe it or not, there are lots of bigger babies out there who may very well be younger than 2 but wearing a size 24 months.

  39. duxup says:

    My kid is on the small side and he even has to wear clothing supposedly for kids much older than him.

  40. Fineous K. Douchenstein says:

    I was going to say, 24 months in clothing isn’t an age, it’s an average size of children that age.

  41. banmojo says:

    My 2 year old tore up the bread stuffing, then ate some chocolate pie, got a sugar rush, and proceeded to tear my brother’s house down!! Good times, good times :^)))

  42. DanGarion says:

    You realize that 24 months is a SIZE not an age when it comes to clothing right?