So What Does A $777 Burger Actually Taste Like?

For some reason we can’t fathom, our siblings at Consumer Reports didn’t include the $777 burger at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas in its survey of the country’s best and worst burgers. So it was left up to the folks at NPR to try out the high-priced hamburger for those of us who either can’t afford or would never, ever in a million years spend that much on a food product.

It should be noted that in addition to the Kobe beef burger, topped with onions, brie, pancetta, 100-year balsamic vinegar and — of course — Maine lobster, the price also includes a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Let’s hear some select quotes from the NPR eaters:

“What you need to do is replace the bun with two Bentleys.”

“I don’t know about the lobster. It seems like it’s only there to make the sandwich more expensive.”

“$777 wouldn’t be that expensive, if you just ate a little bit of it every day and that was all you had for the year.”

“It’s actually Kobe Bryant meat. That’s why it’s so expensive.”

So what was the final verdict?

[I]t really does taste expensive. Some of us felt that the lobster overwhelmed the burger a bit, so it was more a lobster sandwich with beef, rather than the other way around. Still, delicious.

It should be noted that the NPR staffers didn’t actually shell out the big bucks for the deluxe dish but were comped for the meal by the casino.

Sandwich Monday In Las Vegas: The $777 Burger [NPR]

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