The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Wilco In Your Cup

Say you spent all of your weekend with your fine lady and/or fella in the hot tub sipping on Whitesnake wine. What more appropriate way to perk yourself up on a Monday morning than with some coffee from the boys in Wilco?

The band, which already has a namesake beer, has teamed up with Intelligentsia coffee to come up with “Wilco Selects.”

Here’s how they describe it:

This coffee comes from the Sidama region of Ethiopia and is grown by the Homecho Waeno co-op…The aromatics of coffee blossom and violet make way for an incredibly graceful and elegant cup. The body has a light and silky quality, like fresh whipped cream, that beautifully compliments the ever-present note of citron, juniper berry and vanilla. As it cools, the cup blossoms into notes of confectioner’s sugar, rosehips, and soft raisin, resonating on a pristine finish with a touch of milk chocolate.

There is also a decaf version called “Wilco Doesn’t Select,” which the band discloses it didn’t hand pick during its visit to Intelligentsia, but which the coffee company tells them “is as good a decaf as it gets.”

While that all sounds yummy, it comes at a price. A one-pound bag of the stuff sells for $21.00 ($17.00 for decaf), which is probably about the same as the Ticketmaster fees on one Wilco concert ticket.

The coffees are only available for pre-order until Nov. 28 through the band’s online shop.

Coffee Pre-Order [Wilco shop via]

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