The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Wilco In Your Cup

Say you spent all of your weekend with your fine lady and/or fella in the hot tub sipping on Whitesnake wine. What more appropriate way to perk yourself up on a Monday morning than with some coffee from the boys in Wilco?

The band, which already has a namesake beer, has teamed up with Intelligentsia coffee to come up with “Wilco Selects.”

Here’s how they describe it:

This coffee comes from the Sidama region of Ethiopia and is grown by the Homecho Waeno co-op…The aromatics of coffee blossom and violet make way for an incredibly graceful and elegant cup. The body has a light and silky quality, like fresh whipped cream, that beautifully compliments the ever-present note of citron, juniper berry and vanilla. As it cools, the cup blossoms into notes of confectioner’s sugar, rosehips, and soft raisin, resonating on a pristine finish with a touch of milk chocolate.

There is also a decaf version called “Wilco Doesn’t Select,” which the band discloses it didn’t hand pick during its visit to Intelligentsia, but which the coffee company tells them “is as good a decaf as it gets.”

While that all sounds yummy, it comes at a price. A one-pound bag of the stuff sells for $21.00 ($17.00 for decaf), which is probably about the same as the Ticketmaster fees on one Wilco concert ticket.

The coffees are only available for pre-order until Nov. 28 through the band’s online shop.

Coffee Pre-Order [Wilco shop via]


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  1. Doubts42 says:

    Who the Hell is Wilco?

  2. dreamcatcher2 says:

    Product placement?

  3. ARP says:

    Former members of Uncle Tupelo split into Sun Volt and Wilco. They’re folksie-indie rock, based out of Chicago. Intelligentsia is also based out of Chicago, hence the collaberation.

    BTW- I went on a roasting tour of their facility- interesting. Intelligentisa is expensive, but fantastic coffee.

    • John says:

      I do suppose that if they hadn’t split up we would have gotten Uncle Tupelo Whiskey(over Jesus).

    • Gail says:

      I’ve never had better coffee than Intelligencia. The cupcake shop around the corner from work has their own blend, and its PERFECT for eating with a cupcake. On its own, it reads a little bitter, but after a bite of yummy cupcake, its incredibly delicious.

      Their regular blends are awesome too.

  4. shepd says:

    Roger, Wilco. Over and out.

  5. Jason says:

    Why not, Steelheart has a line of coffee at Ralph’s markets

  6. Blueskylaw says:

    “The body has a light and silky quality, like fresh whipped cream, that beautifully compliments the ever-present note of citron, juniper berry and vanilla. As it cools, the cup blossoms into notes of confectioner’s sugar, rosehips, and soft raisin, resonating on a pristine finish with a touch of milk chocolate.”

    Tastes just like a cup of regular joe to me.

    • Dover says:

      “Why is Rob laughing so hard?”
      “He just turned in the copy for the new Wilco coffee.”
      “Must be one hell of an ad.”

  7. rpm773 says:

    Sounds great. I’ll stick with my $5/lb 8-O’Clock, thank you very much.

    Let me know how it all turns out.

    • denros says:

      $8 For eight o’clock? Seems a bit spendy. Do they have Cameron’s available anywhere near you? It’s around the same price (sometimes cheaper) but noticeably better (and usually fresher)

      Hell, for less than 9 bucks I can get a custom-blended pound of beans roasted locally less than a day old. Guess I’m spoiled.

      • rpm773 says:

        Nah, it usually runs between $5 and $6 for the smaller bag.

        I grind it in the store, which I think makes it better than buying it pre-ground, provided someone hasn’t come along before me and put some sort of choco-raspberry-flavored coffee in the grinder.

        • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

          You don’t have separate grinders for regular and flavored coffees?

        • Gail says:

          I tried the 8 o’clock preground when consumer reports rated it best. I and my coworkers found it almost undrinkable, to our great sadness. Well, my great sadness, since it was a lot cheaper than Dunkin Donuts.

  8. Grabraham says:

    I find it odd that the decaf is cheaper, it is usually more expensive than regular but I suppose at $17 a pound they are still making a shekel or two ;)

  9. Sanspants says:

    No love for Les Claypool’s wine? (It’s called Purple Pachyderm, but I wish it was called Kansas Wine)

  10. Doncosmic says:

    There is a chain of Gas stations called Wilco, as gas stations often have coffee, I assumed that this had to do with them.

  11. joescratch says:

    Why would they do this? I don’t care enough to research it, but really, why? (Whitesnake Wine, on the other hand, makes sense.)

  12. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Bah, never heard of them. Post again when Bieber Coffee hits the market.

  13. * says:

    I live near Intelligentsia’s coffee shop—it’s the best coffee on the planet. Prepare it the right way (french press, pour over, etc) and grind right before you brew and it’ll blow your mind. Their stuff usually sells for ~16 a pound but every once in a while something special costs more, and it’s almost always worth it.

    • ChunkyBarf says:

      Silver Lake by any chance? I do not drink coffee, but I bought a pound for my co-workers and they thanked me profusely.

  14. Truthie says:

    Why is this coffee not called “I am Trying to Wake You Up”?

  15. hexmonkey says:

    “That is just a big misconception — it doesn’t have anything to do with the band,” said David Lindsey, who answered the phone at Lagunitas when I called Monday morning. “It’s based on military jargon. Put together the first three letters from each word.”

    Lagunitas’ first idea for the beer’s name was Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, but that doesn’t work for legal and aesthetic reasons. The ATF has pretty strict advertising and labeling rules. (You wouldn’t believe what brewers have to go through to get basic things like names of beers and labels approved).

    The WTF is beer, not whiskey. It’s not like it is aged in whiskey barrels or tastes like whiskey.

    The WTF is described by Lagunitas as “A big Ol’ Imperial Brown Ale to help you with your slippery slide on into springtime. Rich, smooth, dangerous & chocolatey.”

    So Wilco, Tango, Foxtrot it is, then.

  16. czarrie says:

    I’ve been drinking Wilco coffee for years now, thank you very much.