Honeymooners Turned Away From Hotel For Being Too Young

Imagine you’re an 18-year-old bride who has had to plan your entire wedding and honeymoon on your own because your groom has been away at Marine boot camp. And then you arrive at the hotel after the ceremony and find out that there’s no room at the inn because you’re under 21.

That’s what happened to a pair of young newlyweds in California, who had made reservations to stay at the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield.

“I was so upset,” said the bride. “I planned the wedding, so I felt this was my fault. It was all just falling apart. In the car, I just broke down. I thought, ‘Here I am looking for a place to stay on my honeymoon.'”

“I just wanted to be in a room because I was so tired and… my husband, he was in his dress blues and I think that’s what got me the most,” she told a local TV station. “He was in his dress blues and he’s going to put his life on the line for these people and they won’t even offer us a room.”

The owner of the hotel says that the staff was just following a long-standing hotel policy. “We use it at our other hotels as well. And it’s more to limit our liability when it comes to the liquor license and serving minors.”

However, in light of the PR nightmare that has ensued since local media got a hold of it, the owner says he is “ashamed and deeply saddened” about the incident.

“An exception should have been made. If you show up in a military uniform and a wedding gown — sure, we’ll give you a room,” he said. “When I found out all the facts, I was sick to my stomach. This should have never happened.”

After the newlyweds were given the boot from their preferred destination, they landed at a local Doubletree hotel, where the bride says, “They had a military discount… They were very sweet. We even got a free breakfast.”

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