You Make The Call — Did Lady Antebellum Rob Alan Parsons Project Blind?

If it sounds like you’ve heard Lady Antebellum’s Country Music Award-winning “Need You Now” a million times, maybe it’s because it’s been on the radio since 1982, when the Alan Parsons Project released the same song with different words as “Eye in the Sky.”

A Nashville Scene post spotlights the controversy raging in the pop-country music realm, with accusations swirling that Lady Antebellum copied off APP’s paper on the final.

Granted, “borrowing” goes on all the time in the music industry. Is this shades of Vanilla Ice sticking oh-so close to the beat of Queen’s “Under Pressure” with “Ice Ice Baby?”

Check out the embedded link of a YouTube mash-up of the two songs and determine for yourself whether or not it’s coincidence that the songs sound alike.

Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Now’–A Ripoff? [Nashville Scene via Yahoo]

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