TSA Frisks Screaming 3-Year-Old To Confirm She's Not The Littlest Terrorist

It’s embarrassing and totally politically incorrect, but you have to admit you’ve done it. You’re seated on a flight, start looking around, and your gaze stops at the 3-year-olds you come across, wondering whether or not they’re potential hijackers. But fear not, concerned travelers. The Transportation Security Administration has got your back, demonstrating it’s fully capable of giving pre-schoolers vigorous pat-downs to ensure they’re not packing any WMDs underneath their pull-ups.

Newser and several other media sources report a TSA rep gave a crying 3-year-old girl a vigorous hand search at the Chattanooga, Tenn. airport.

It’s possible to argue that all flight passengers are potential pawns of malevolent forces, but there’s got to be a less traumatic way to clear children at the security gate. How do you think the TSA should handle shifty-eyed munchkins who look like they’re hiding something other than poopy diapers?

TSA pats down a screaming toddler [Newser via SF Gate]
(Thanks, Michael!)

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