Couple Waits 7 Months For FiOs Refund. Instead, They Get A Debt Collector.

Tony and his wife have been waiting for 7 months for their $144.81 refund from Verizon FiOs that they’ve repeatedly been told is coming their way. It hasn’t showed up, but the debt collector trying to collect on that amount has.

Tony writes:

I called Verizon to cancel my FIOS Triple Freedom (phone/internet/cable) Service on 2/5/10. However, the Verizon representative I spoke to insisted that I call back the following Monday, which was 2/8/10, to cancel. On my bill, the phone portion of my service was cancelled and prorated accordingly but not the voice/cable portion.

My wife and I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to resolve this. We have been transferred from one dept to another, often waiting for long periods of time in order to speak to a live representative. Every time I get off the phone, I am told that the matter is resolved and to disregard the current bill and to wait for an adjusted bill that would follow. This went on for several months. In early June, in an effort to avoid the collections process, I paid the full amount of $230.39. This covered the FIOS Triple Freedom service from Feb 7 to March 6 (services I cancelled on Feb 8). My wife and I were about to have a baby and I knew I wouldn’t have the time to pursue the matter for awhile.

On 6/25 and even again on 9/29, I was told by a Verizon customer service representative that I was owed a refund, which I have yet to receive, since the cable and internet portion was not prorated and terminated from 2/8/10.

The problem I have now is twofold. I have a collections company harassing me for $144.81 which they claim I still owe and I have a charge off that was reported to the credit agencies in May. I made honest attempts at resolving this and now my credit rating is suffering.

Can you help…please???? I just want someone competent at Verizon to review our account!!

You need to escalate. First try executive customer service, and if that doesn’t work, small claims. Maybe you’ll get your refund in time to pay for your kid’s little league gear.


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  1. OnePumpChump says:

    Find nearest Verizon office, burn it to the ground. Blame it on FIOS.

  2. Emerald4me says:

    Stupid Verizon! They were the biggest pain in the butt when they added Fios to my mom’s account. Something she never ordered, considering she doesn’t own a computer OR a cell phone!

  3. Technologirl says:

    Very early in the process this should have been taken to letter (not email, not voice) format. On the second attempt, copy your state’s Public Service Commission and copy all previous documentation.

    You cannot pass blanket judgments on a company from an individual case. All these services are huge bureaucracies and are painful to deal with.

    • PLATTWORX says:

      Agreed. Waiting month after month and call after calls was clearly not working a while back. I have had this happen and WHAM, paperwork is sent out, copies to agenies, etc.

  4. Bremma says:

    Great. This is totally what I needed to read before going home and trying to cancel the cable portion of my FIOS account (don’t watch TV much and just got Netflix, so I doubt my cable watching will come back up)

  5. Alvis says:

    Capital, lower, capital, capital

  6. KRF says:

    You have to document EVERYTHING with Verizon. When we cancelled FIOS, they sent us to collections for equipment that we had returned. Thankfully, we had the packing slips, but it still took going through executive customer service in order to get it resolved.

    • MonkeyMonk says:

      This must be a cable thing because I’ve never had a Comcast equipment return go as planned and they always call 1-2 months later to report unreturned equipment. Thankfully, I always keep my receipts but how hard is it to record a equipment return properly?

      • Starfury says:

        When we had Comcast years back we canceled to switch to Dish/DSL. A few weeks later some guy shows up at my house on a Saturday morning. Has a Comcast Contractor sign on his car and he’s there to collect equipment/cut the co-ax cable to the house. I told him to leave since I didn’t have a box and he wasn’t getting in my yard to do anything.

  7. Derigiberble says:

    Verizon is rigged to pull as much money out of you as possible and make it as hard to get it fixed as possible.

    My friend ordered FIOS service, but needed to get a cablecard for her Tivo, so the online rep said she had to call in. Cue 40 minutes of hold time and upselling. Once the order was finally placed, it turns out that they had put her into a bundle which apparently does not exist according to their online list of plans, and is over $30 per month more expensive when compared to the exact same services listed online, with a whopping $140 more expensive first month setup fee. What a bait and switch scam they are running. Why are these “mistakes” never in the customer’s favor?

    • njack says:

      Do you actually think customers with errors in their favor are contacting Consumerist to complain about it?

  8. AllanG54 says:

    I have stock in Verizon but their customer service is the pits. I had the same problem with my office lines when I went to cancel and they charged me for DSL for three months because I didn’t call that department. So much for their one bill program. I asked them why I couldn’t make one call to cancel if I had one bill because common sense (duh) would dictate that would be the easy thing but they had no explanation for me. They did end up zeroing out any balance.

  9. oldwiz65 says:

    Talk to your state’s department of telecommunications regulators – I had oodles of trouble with Verizon and it finally was resolved when I got the state agency involved. Verizon billing is a horrible nightmare. I’d like to make a change to my service to add some stuff, but I don’t dare for fear of screwing the billing up once again.

  10. PLATTWORX says:

    This is easily resolved. Why was a EECB not sent long ago or the BBB involved? I have used both with amazing success. Full refunds in the blink of an eye.

  11. katstermonster says:

    Oh Verizon. I know you had trouble with decimals, but negative signs, too? Tsk tsk.

  12. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    it’s a valid debt with paperwork. Sell it to a debt collector.

  13. sopmodm14 says:

    i wish we could send companies to debt collections !

  14. dwm says:

    Ironically I had this exact same problem with them years ago. Sue them in small claims court. That is what I finally had to do when they tried to ruin my credit. Eventually I came away with all my stuff fixed and thousands of dollars in my pocket. I never did anything wrong. It’s nice to see them still doing business the same lousy way as more than five years ago now. Maybe I need to see I can cash in on their stupidity again!

  15. TasteyCat says:

    In addition to the suggested steps you need to take with Verizon, dispute the debt with the three major credit bureaus. A creditor only provides the information (and if it’s gone to a third party, the original creditor has no part in that). The bureaus are the ones that report it.