Personal Finance Roundup

Career Insurance: Insuring Your Most Valuable Asset [Free Money Finance] “This Career Insurance is not a product you can buy, but a series of actions you can proactively take to minimize the chance that your career will take a major hit.”

7 Ways to Save on Holiday Travel [Kiplinger] “Bargains are scarcer this year, but you can fly the holiday skies for less if you use these strategies.”

Make More Money: How to Supercharge Your Income [Get Rich Slowly] “Almost anyone should be able to find some ideas here to make more money.”

5 Tips to Win the Rebate Game [Money Talks News] “So what can you do to avoid rebate hell? Try these tactics.”

6 habits that will make you broke [MSN Money] “Even some well-intentioned practices like clipping coupons could result in your spending more.”