MasterLock Replaces Busted Padlock, Secures Customer Loyalty

Adam bought a Speed Dial padlock from Masterlock. The product promises to be more secure, and also looks really cool. Someone managed to get through the lock and steal his things. It wasn’t a huge loss, but he wrote to the company to let them know what happened to his lock. Master Lock responded by offering him a free replacement lock.

I recently bought a master lock speed dial 1500id. you know, the big chubby lock where you slide the button in different directions as a combo, like a joystick.

It stated that the lock was shim-proof, and that is was more secure, so that was the main reason I bought it. I thought the technology was kind of cool too :)

Not more than 2 weeks in, my lock was somehow opened/broken off my locker, stolen along with about $10 worth of stuff.

I understand that things like this do happen, but I had a sixteen-terms combination (with every direction at least 2 times). I doubt anyone saw me, and I sort of don’t believe it was shimmed (since it isn’t “possible”, so what else could’ve happened?

I emailed Master Lock yesterday, and they came up with a friendly response along the lines of “Hey…your combo was probably bad but we’re nice people so we’ll send you a new lock for free at least :)”

I gave them my address, and am waiting now.

I have been using Master Lock for more than 10 years, and I couldn’t be more proud that such a reliable and popular company is so sympathetic and kind. Technology is cool, but what’s really important is the service behind everything. Master lock excels in both.


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  1. Saltpork says:

    Masterlock has always done right by their products.

    Next time go with something a bit more tried & true. A combination lock still works great.

    • Murph1908 says:

      One point of the article is that the lock is shim proof. You can learn how to crack a combo lock with an empty Coke can online.

      Still, the bottom line is that locks are there to keep honest people honest, and to make thieves move to easier targets. If a thief wants to get into your locker/car/house, he will. (Obviously, to a degree)

  2. Nothing Can Kill the Grimace... says:

    “Sorry your stuff was stolen. To make up for it, here’s the same version of lock that failed your the first time!”

  3. Daverson says:

    No matter how good a padlock is, I can usually open one in seconds with a bolt cutter.

    • Jfielder says:

      Actually, you can also unlock them with a hammer, without causing damage, and without beating the living daylights out of it. it’s all about the right tension on the shackle, and hitting it at the right angle. The inertia will temporarily displace the locking dog.

      P.S…. I’m not a locksmith, and I’m not a thief. A while ago I just found lock picking to be interesting, and learned a lot about it.

      • aloria says:

        I also pick locks as a hobby! My friends found it pretty shady up until they locked themselves out of their homes/gym lockers/etc and didn’t want to pay the expense of calling a locksmith.

      • Alternate says:

        You mean locks work because of little tiny dogs inside of them?

        Wow. I learn something new every day.

  4. SGAC says:

    If I could guess that your combination was probably the konami code executed twice and without the B – A buttons, I’m sure anyone could. :)

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    These are the companies that I like to deal with, those that will respond to my concerns.

    Though I do find it sad that someone has to wax poetic about being “proud that such a reliable and popular company is so sympathetic and kind”. It truly shows how far down the scale customer service/appreciation has gone over the years.

    • RvLeshrac says:

      They were so sympathetic and kind, indeed.

      “It was your fault, but we’ve decided to go ahead and send you a new lock. Even thought it was your fault.”

  6. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    He shouldn’t have made the combination up up down down left right left right B A

    • stormbird says:

      Curse you! I was going to post that. I had to look it up (couldn’t remember if it was up down up down or up up down down).

  7. pop top says:

    Something my dad used to tell me to help me with my grammar when I was younger, “Girls are busted, things are broken.”

  8. D0rk says:

    I applaud MasterLock’s response, but I would have asked for a different lock style, knowing that it’s unlikely that someone knew my combination.

  9. He says:

    If the thief was like my friends in high school, they just smacked it with the heel of their Doc Martens. Padlocks just aren’t that great.

  10. cosmic.charlie says:

    Wait isn’t there only one code? U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start

  11. RogalDorn says:

    Abloy makes great high secure locks. By far better than master lock, you can defeat those ones with just a shim.

  12. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I remember getting into junior high (when you were all grown up and had a locker) and needing to buy a lock – I think MasterLock made billions based on the forgetfulness of teenagers because I bought at least three locks throughout junior high and high school because the lock would get tossed in a box of books and notebooks for the summer and when I went back to school…oops, forgot the combination. Time to buy another lock!

  13. Alvis says:

    These locks effectively have 7,501 combinations.

    All combinations can be reached in 11 directional presses or fewer.

  14. PerpetualStudent says:

    “my lock was somehow opened/broken off my locker”

    I bought one of these locks a few months ago. The first time I used it, I had to break it to remove it from the locker.

    I was able to get the shackle through the padlocking hole on the locker with no problem when I first put my belongings in there, however when I came back I was unable to get the shackle out. I sat there for about 10 minutes trying to get the right angle so I could remove it, but had no success. I ended up just leveraging the lock against the locker and snapping the shackle off from the base so I wouldn’t be late for work. I know the mechanism was disengaged, but it It was much easier than I thought it would be to break it.

    Not sure if its that easy for all padlocks or if it was because it was disengaged, but my concern stopped me from replacing the lock with the same model.

  15. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    We need Rubik’s cube locks. My son can pick 3×3 in seconds so it had better be at least 7×7.

  16. dotyoureyes says:

    Noted: U U D D L R L R x 2 is 16 terms.

    Aside from the Konami code, how secure is this kind of lock compared to a standard combo lock? This review likes the physical design, but it seems like a lock with only 7,501 possible states is pretty hackable.

  17. consumerd says:

    Well I think master lock did right. Think about it, a lock only keeps an honest person, honest. It doesn’t keep a thief out.

    Anyone not realizing this doesn’t understand what’s involved in securing things. Honestly, some of the most cheapest and easiest and least secure things I have done to “lock” my things just shock me. If you keep it out of sight that’s the best security of all.

  18. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Unless you buy a really expensive high-security padlock with a titanium hasp, any lock with a medium sized or small hasp can be opened in five seconds with bolt cutters. So yeah, a lock really only keeps honest and/or lazy people from stealing your stuff. Somebody who’s motivated and has the right tools…well, you’re out of luck.

    I work on roadside equipment cabinets where locks often rust solid from a winter’s worth of salt, so I carry the “universal key,” which is a pair of 36″ bolt cutters.

    • Dukebruno says:

      Every gym that I’ve ever belonged has bolt cutters on hand in case a member locks themselves out. Years ago a guy went to the dolt who was on duty and said “This is my locker and my combination doesn’t work.” The employee snipped the lock. The member saw that the stuff in the locker wasn’t his. He pointed to the next locker over and said “My bad. This is my locker” so the employee snipped that one. Guess what? That wasn’t the right locker either. Finally someone suggested that they call the guy’s cell phone to track down the correct locker. Sure enough, the phone rang in a locker about 25 feet away.

      The gym employee made no effort to find out whose lockers he just broke into. He left their stuff unprotected and walked away.

      I belong to a different gym now.

  19. LONGSAIL says:

    Master Lock failed me, although I had great confidence in them. I had a lost combination and followed their instructions to recover the combination. I sent them a notarized form, along with a photocopy of the back of the lock and waited.

    Over a month after the promised date for a response I called to find out that they claimed to have mailed me the combination for a different lock. I never received any correspondence from them. Upon further discussion, I was told that even though I have the serial number and that the lock I have is not old, they can not supply the combination as they do not maintain records.

    So why did I bother to send them the notarized form and photocopy?

  20. Nessiah says:

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, ‘B’, ‘A’, select, start.

    oh wait…that’s contra for NES

  21. 3rdUserName says:

    I have the same lock, it froze up on me after a few days.. I should have read the instructions, this lock inst meant to be used outside on a gate… :(

  22. The cake is a lie! says:

    Padlocks aren’t secure PERIOD. Just look at youtube and there are 500 videos on how to make a shim out of a pop can to open just about anything.

    I have one of those locks on my shed. I’ve got the best combination evar. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right. Contra fans will know why I did that. ;) The lock is on the side of my shed you can’t access unless you have already made it through my garage into the back yard anyway, so I’m not worried anyone will get into it.

  23. mikeP says:

    Guess he should not have used Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right. ;-)