MasterLock Replaces Busted Padlock, Secures Customer Loyalty

Adam bought a Speed Dial padlock from Masterlock. The product promises to be more secure, and also looks really cool. Someone managed to get through the lock and steal his things. It wasn’t a huge loss, but he wrote to the company to let them know what happened to his lock. Master Lock responded by offering him a free replacement lock.

I recently bought a master lock speed dial 1500id. you know, the big chubby lock where you slide the button in different directions as a combo, like a joystick.

It stated that the lock was shim-proof, and that is was more secure, so that was the main reason I bought it. I thought the technology was kind of cool too 🙂

Not more than 2 weeks in, my lock was somehow opened/broken off my locker, stolen along with about $10 worth of stuff.

I understand that things like this do happen, but I had a sixteen-terms combination (with every direction at least 2 times). I doubt anyone saw me, and I sort of don’t believe it was shimmed (since it isn’t “possible”, so what else could’ve happened?

I emailed Master Lock yesterday, and they came up with a friendly response along the lines of “Hey…your combo was probably bad but we’re nice people so we’ll send you a new lock for free at least :)”

I gave them my address, and am waiting now.

I have been using Master Lock for more than 10 years, and I couldn’t be more proud that such a reliable and popular company is so sympathetic and kind. Technology is cool, but what’s really important is the service behind everything. Master lock excels in both.

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