Scammers Tell Guy Hard Drive Has Virus, Bilk For $6 Million

We’ve just found a tech repair service worse than the Geek Squad.

The owner of a computer repair shop is in custody on larceny charges. Authorities discovered he had charged one customer $6 million over six years for services related to the man’s hard drive the repair shop said was infected with a virus. Not just any virus, but one that sat at the crux of a Dan Brown-esque conspiracy.

The tech told the customer that there was a hard drive in a Honduran village trying to infect his hard drive, and that was part of a scheme by Polish priests connected to Opes Dei to infiltrate the US Government. The money the repair place charged was not just for data recovery, but protection from these dark forces.

When the New York Times called the victim for comment, the message on the answering machine said, “If you leave an ad or any other such message, your telephone wire will be fried automatically.”

Shoulda got a Mac.

2 Charged With Fraud of Millions From Pianist [NYT] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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