Chef Doesn't Quite Appreciate Reviews From Inbred, Jobless, Bored Yelp Users

Some people don’t like to be criticized, especially when the criticism comes from amateurs and when said criticism can have an impact on their income. Just ask the chef at a restaurant in Denver who has kicked up a crap storm after unleashing his true feelings about reviewers.

When asked what he’d like to see less of in Denver from a culinary standpoint, the chef replied:

Amateur instant online restaurant critics — specifically those who write reviews for a website that rhymes with “kelp.” Think about it: They review a McDonald’s and then turn around and review Mizuna. I just imagine bored, jobless layabouts with not many friends who are convinced that they’re going to have a bad time before they even step through the door of a joint. The kicker is, you can’t respond to these inbreds and try to educate, or at least explain, why some things happen the way they happen. Have a little fun, for chrissakes. Loosen up when you go out, and let me be the stress ball in the kitchen busting my ass for twelve-plus hours trying to make you the best food I can. Fuck you!

If he thought the Yelp reviews were harsh before, we have a hunch they might get a little nastier over the next couple days.

Table 6 exec chef Scott Parker on hunger, eating a deep-fried rosebud and inbred amateur restaurant critics who frequent a site that rhymes with “kelp” [ via]

Thanks to Raphael for the tip!

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