TBS Makes Conan Episodes Available For Free Online

For the Conan fans out there who don’t feel like ponying up for basic cable, TBS has decided to post every episode of his new show online the day after it airs.

While Conan’s old network NBC makes both Jay Leno’s and Jimmy Fallon’s late night chatter fests available online, TBS had not been doing the same for its Lopez Tonight talk show, which moved to midnight to make room for Conan’s new show.

But with much time and money invested in promoting Conan, the network is making sure it’s seen by as many people as possible (though only U.S. web users will have access to full episodes).

From a statement on TeamCoco.com:

Clips of our show WILL be available to everyone on Earth! Provided you have a computer and an internet connection, of course. Ha ha. We ain’t gonna be transcribing our show and dropping leaflets into the jungles of South America, after all.

TBS has already posted last night’s premiere episode — which featured the masturbating bearhere.

Full “Conan” episodes to be available online [Reuters]

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