Sony's Repair Service Has Left My Coworker Computerless Since August

Back in August, Michael tried to do his co-worker a favor by guiding him through Sony’s warranty repair, but did him no favors because the the repair attempt ended up breaking the computer in a different way. The computer has since fallen out of the warranty window but apparently is still in the long, winding path toward redemption.

He writes:

I wish the subject were true. Back in August, one of my co-workers has a Sony laptop and I tried to help him take advantage of Sony’s warranty and created a claim to replace speakers that haven’t worked on his computer since he bought it. This was back in august. The technician arrived to replace the speakers a week later, and when she did, she only had one speaker, not both.

She was happy to replace the one she had, but when she was disassembling the computer, she inadvertently severed the hard drive cable. I understood that she simply made a mistake and just asked her to create a new ticket for the part that was broken. She did, and I was given a new reference number for the claim.

Weeks passed, and as I checked with the technician, I was always told the part hadn’t shipped yet. I had also contacted Sony several times with their online chat and was continually told that it was on backorder. I decided to call.

When I actually spoke to someone, I was told that the warranty on the laptop has expired (and it had by this point) and I would have to send the laptop off for a repair quote. At this point it was just getting ridiculous so I asked for a manager. The person I spoke with was finally professional and courteous, and was happy to fix the situation, assured me that it would get repaired properly, but requested that I send the laptop off to get expedited service. I was happy to oblige. That was nearly two months ago and I called back recently to check on the status of the repair. Guess what? The parts are on backorder again.

What’s the longest you’ve waited for a computer repair?

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