JC Penney's Computer Won't Let It Hire me

A reader writes in about her frustrating experiences trying to get hired at a JC Penney salon. She spoke to her prospective boss and got the impression that she would be good to go, but the automated application system keeps throwing her curveballs.

She describes her roundabout journey:

1. Applied online. Answered lot of strange questions, but I answered them honestly.

2. Went in to salon with resume and spoke with the salon manager. He stated had not received my online application please check on it and call him. I need someone and you seem to be a good fit for the job. “You look like and seem to be the type of person I am looking for”.

3. Go back online a try to re apply. System tells me I can’t apply for 173 days.

4. Call JCP salon manager Still could not see my online application. Asked me to
come into the kiosk and apply again. ( This kiosk is just outside the door of the salon). At the end once again it told me you must wait a total of 171 days to apply again! Salon manager talked to someone in back office. ” You failed our online test!

You can not retake this test for 171 days! Not only can you not work at the salon, you can’t work anywhere for JCP!” What? Am I an idiot? I did not think this to be the case but, computers don’t make mistakes…right? Still confused!!! The salon manager went above and beyond to try to help. He next went to the store manager who said “sorry I used to be able to override this but they took that away from us.” You might try contacting the home office in WACO TEXAS. He meant for me to check with Waco, not the JCP store.

This is insane! Clearly the salon manager wanted to offer me a position. But, I am done in by some crazy HR program which apparently has pegged me as what? An idiot, a serial killer, too smart to work for JCP etc…..

I checked online, too late for me, and found blogs on how to pass these online tests…. the main point “don’t be honest, tell them what they want to hear!” One of the sites was written by the person who either created or helped create the test!

Help, I am stuck in computer lunacy! Guess I could just sign up for welfare….or does that have a test also?

If a computer has ever blocked you from working somewhere, tell us about your battle.

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