Parents, Don't Let Your Kids Wind Up In One Of The Most Expensive Dorms

The California Golden Bears can no longer crack the national rankings in football, but its dorms are definite contenders for the BCS national title game for most expensive near-campus lodging.

Campus Grotto lists UC Berkeley’s average annual dorm rent of $15,307 as the second-highest in the country, trailing only the $17,110 rent at Eugene Lang College. The story says the average room and board cost at colleges across the country is $8,535.

Here are the top 10 most expensive dorms:

1. Eugene Lang College $17,110

2. University of California – Berkeley $15,308

3. Suffolk University $14,624

4. Fordham University – Lincoln Center $14,614

5. Fordham University – Rose Hill $14,491

6. University of California – Santa Cruz $14,172

7. St. John’s University (Queens) $14,000

8. Manhattanville College $13,920

9. Sarah Lawrence College $13,820

10. Pace University $13,800

If you lived in a dorm, what did you get out of the experience — other than athlete’s foot from the community showers?

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