Gucci 3D Glasses And Other Ridiculous Designer Crap

Are the glasses that come with 3D TVs just not stylish enough for you? Perhaps you need to chic up your curb on garbage day. And what about that label-less sponge you’ve been using to clean your kitchen? Now you can finally have all these things and more without having to sacrifice your love of big name designers.

Over at TheGloss, they’ve got a round-up of The 12 Oddest Designer-Branded Products. In addition to the Gucci 3D shades shown, here are some of our faves:

*The Chanel Fishing Set: That plastic tackle box is just plain tacky! The fish will be much happier to hop onto your hook if it’s stylish.

*Louis Vuitton Garbage Bags: Why should your empty caviar tins and Moet bottles go into a plain Hefty when they reside in an LV-branded bag? If only you could choose to send your detritus to trendy members-only landfills.

*Christian Siriano Sponges: Your designer dishes require a designer sponge from the flashy Project Runway winner. Your undocumented domestic help will appreciate the extra expense.

*Karl Lagerfeld Safes: Keep your bullion out of harm in this safe that is so stylish it should be stored in a vault.

For the whole list, go to the

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