Gucci 3D Glasses And Other Ridiculous Designer Crap

Are the glasses that come with 3D TVs just not stylish enough for you? Perhaps you need to chic up your curb on garbage day. And what about that label-less sponge you’ve been using to clean your kitchen? Now you can finally have all these things and more without having to sacrifice your love of big name designers.

Over at TheGloss, they’ve got a round-up of The 12 Oddest Designer-Branded Products. In addition to the Gucci 3D shades shown, here are some of our faves:

*The Chanel Fishing Set: That plastic tackle box is just plain tacky! The fish will be much happier to hop onto your hook if it’s stylish.

*Louis Vuitton Garbage Bags: Why should your empty caviar tins and Moet bottles go into a plain Hefty when they reside in an LV-branded bag? If only you could choose to send your detritus to trendy members-only landfills.

*Christian Siriano Sponges: Your designer dishes require a designer sponge from the flashy Project Runway winner. Your undocumented domestic help will appreciate the extra expense.

*Karl Lagerfeld Safes: Keep your bullion out of harm in this safe that is so stylish it should be stored in a vault.

For the whole list, go to the


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  1. dustindmw says:

    It’s there money, who cares

  2. Alvis says:

    These are polarized lenses, not shutter glasses – ie, NOT for 3D TVs.

    • Phil Villakeepinitrreal says:

      Depends on the type. Some 3D gaming and TVs (also, movie theaters) use polarization instead of LCD shutters.

    • DataRaider says:

      That’s because they are designed to work with RealD based 3D displays (which uses circular polarization).

      Alvis, to answer your questions second question, just wait a year. RealD just came out, so it will be a little before you see consumer products using it (though JVC is suppose to already have a high end display out that uses RealD technology)

  3. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    I threw up a little in my mouth.

  4. Angus99 says:

    When I saw the picture of the Prada product in the article, I though I was looking at designer weed and thought “That’s not such a bad idea!”

  5. shepd says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but these make sense if you have money to burn:

    – The Range Rover. You can show it off to others.
    – Bandaids. If you are into designer crap, you probably want to apply it to your kids. And it seems pretty popular to get “designer” bandaids nowadays (usually for kids with different characters on them).
    – Earbuds. Apple buds are a designer statement that nobody things is ridiculous. Why is it ridiculous for an actual designer to sell them? And besides, there’s a huge market for designer buds/cans, just go to your local electronics store.
    – Designer water bottles. Hey, “designer” water already exists, why not the bottle? It only follows…
    – 3D Glasses. They have reverse polarized lenses, so you would wear these in a theatre. If you are wearing designer crap, you’re doing it to make a statement. Wearing designer eyewear to a movie makes a statement.
    – Safe. Why not? It looks pretty neat to me, and “normal” safes aren’t exactly built to fit your decor. And if you have money, why would you want something ugly? Especially something that will last you a lifetime.

    The tape and book are a little stupid, but I could come up with reasons for them, too. The garbage bags and tea, however, are just plain stupid.

  6. Macgyver says:

    I hate these articles that get turned into slideshows. They could’ve showed them on 1 or 2 pages. There’s no reason to put it in a slideshow.

  7. pixiegirl says:

    Some of these are pretty funny. I can honestly say I think the LV garbage bag is the funniest of the bunch. The Chanel tackle box is second. I don’t really see the big deal about the sponges or band aids. Designer sponges & band-aids have been around for a while. They kind of fall into that “affordable luxury” category. Fun to have once an a while but not a regular thing for most people.

  8. TheGreySpectre says:

    I kind of wish I could use my oakley’s for 3d movies instead of those cheap glasses because mine fit so much better. But I don’t wish it enough to spend more then $5 on lenses

  9. BurtReynolds says:

    What about Ed Hardy wine? Or the entire Ed Hardy line for that matter.

    • corkdork says:

      Oh, the Ed Hardy wine is vile; I had it at a tasting, and it was well-nigh undrinkable. Bulk Languedoc juice bottled with a gaudy tattoo-looking label.

      Save the money and buy a bottle of… well, just about anything else instead.

    • Big Mama Pain says:

      Don’t forget Sailor Jerry rum…

  10. Bativac says:

    This is kind of like back in the late 1980s and 1990s, when you could purchase anything you wanted with a Ninja Turtle on it. I had Ninja Turtle sunglasses, a Ninja Turtle fishing set, and Ninja Turtle washrags and sponges. Of course it was all high quality stuff and showed that one need not necessarily be content with merely a t-shirt or backpack.

    Those Turtles were harbingers of things to come. It’s not designer crap. It’s a designer LIFESTYLE.

  11. Sword_Chucks says:

    worst website functionality ever.
    Have we not learned a thing about CSS and not having to reload an entire page?

  12. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    But the Gucci 3-D glasses are of superior quality! The picture will have more clarity. They will last longer, so I will have to buy fewer pairs and they will pay for themselves. Plus, the big price tag will lead me to care for them properly by always storing them in their case and using a proper cleaning cloth/solution. They are worth the extra money damn it!!!

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      Wait, I forgot that they also have a better fit, and polarized lenses.

    • Elphaba says:

      You may be mocking, but I CHERISH my (yes I know overpriced) Tiffany sunglasses. They ALWAYS go back into the bag and case. You won’t find me throwing them on the floor of my car.

      I LOVE those sunglasses. I’m not much into Gucci, but I’d likely be all over Tiffany sunglasses.

  13. KittensRCute! says:

    consumerist you have really jumped the shark. the LV garbage bags are FAKE as you would you know if you took 20 seconds to pick up the phone and call LVMH and find out.

    • KittensRCute! says:

      looking at the rest of the slideshow most of the other stuff is fake, i.e. not real, i.e. never made. really this is just an awful post.

  14. Michaela says:

    Chanel made a set of weights a few years back. They were only like 3 or 5 pounds, and were a really ugly pink. Plus, they were overpriced. However, I guess it would show everyone at the gym how stylish you are!

  15. Elphaba says:

    I’ll be honest: I went to Cynthia Rowley’s website looking for those band aids. She’s out or I would have ordered them. I’m also really interested in the Prada tea bags, but I LOVE tea, so I don’t have a problem paying for excellent tea. If this was just crap tea, no way I’m buying it.

    On the non-affordable items not on this list is the Dior baby bottle. When I was in a Dior visiting the expensive clothes, I saw a Dior baby bottle. I decided that if it was under $20 (yes I know) I was buying it and using it to feed by baby and just be awesome while doing it. I picked it up, I’ve seen dollar store bottles with a better quality of a bottle. It was $60!!!! freaking dollars, so I did not buy. However the Dior was printed on in such low quality I’m not sure it would stay on for more than a couple washes and I’m sure they were loaded with BPA. Like I said, they were a very low quality bottle, period.

  16. wvvm says:

    The LV garbage bags are funny, but also completely fake (the pattern is completely wrong, and doesn’t have an LV in it).