Rogue, Penny-Abolishing Dunkin' Donuts Is No Longer Rogue Or Penny-Abolishing

Remember just a few days ago when we wrote about that visionary Dunkin’ Donuts franchise that had started a voluntary no-penny policy? Well it didn’t last long, as NPR has learned from Dunkin’ HQ that the penny-abolishing policy has since been abolished.

The suits at DD tell NPR that the store has removed the sign (seen here at left), but that it was not them who forced the franchisee to change their anti-penny position:

A Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee, who introduced a voluntary policy suggesting the elimination of pennies, has since removed the sign based on customer feedback….

Our franchisees are independent business people and as such make decisions that impact their restaurants, including whether or not to accept certain currencies, unless state law says otherwise.

Obviously, those customers who demanded an end to the policy are not Consumerist readers. When asked if its time for the penny to die already, almost 65% of you voted “yes.”

Rogue Dunkin’ Donuts Brings Back Penny [NPR]