Banks Paper Over Robo-Signer Errors, Structural Problems Remain

After the foreclosure fraud scandal broke, banks scrambled to fix what they described as “procedural” errors and “technicalities.” But the lawyer whose deposition of a former robo-signer sparked the uproar says all the banks have done is put bandaids over bandaids.

“It’s a structural problem that led to these bad affidavits, because they set it up like an assembly line. They won’t structure a servicing department so that one person is the go-to responsible person for a homeowner’s file,” Thomas Cox told Propublica. “I’ve seen no evidence yet that they’ve changed that structure.”

Of course not. That would be less profitable.

Lawyer at Center of Robo-Signing Scandal Sees ‘More of the Same’ From Banks [Propublica]

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