Save Thousands; Create Your Own Crappy Gap Logo In Seconds

As soon as The Gap’s underwhelmingly crappy new logo hit the internet, many puzzled haters commented that they could make the same logo with even the most bare-bones design software. Well, now they don’t even have to go to that minimal effort with Crap Logo Yourself.

For example, Consumerist’s own Tax Cat decided it was time to upgrade his image to meow to a younger generation. So instead of doing what Gap did and spend money on a pricey creative agency like Laird & Partners, we just pointed Mr. Cat to, where a few keystrokes later he had completely revamped his image. He also coughed up a hairball.

Unfortunately, “Consumerist” is one letter too many for the CrapLogo generator to handle. So we’re stuck with what we have for the moment.

Our friends over at actually spoke to someone at The Gap who was willing to admit this wasn’t all some late April Fool’s joke:

But, given the swift, predominantly negative response online, plans to roll out the new logo further now appear to be in flux. Ms. Callagy said she couldn’t comment on whether the logo would be rolled out to stores….
Replacing signage, updating credit cards, employee name badges and the like would surely be a pricey endeavor. If Gap decides to trash the new logo completely, at least the debacle won’t have cost it millions; it would save itself the heartache experienced by Tropicana when it yanked product off of shelves last year after a much-maligned redesign.

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