Best Buy Will Give You Free PS3 Software For $30 Mandatory Charge

Best Buy’s optimization wizards have fabricated a devilish scam to exploit uninformed customers. Employees download a PlayStation 3’s firmware update in advance and tack on an extra $30 to the cost of the system.

DualShockers reports at least one Best Buy is offering the dubious service, which sticks in line with its sketchy computer optimization plans. The firmware installation charges people to do something that’s free and takes maybe five or six button presses at home. And it’s not even a long-term fix, since Sony seems to update its hardware every few weeks to derail the efforts of hackers who continually break into the system.

What optimization chicanery have you noticed at your Best Buy?

Best Buy Sells Free PS3 Upgrades [DualShockers]
(Thanks, Yip!)

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