BofA Forecloses On Man's House, Even Though He Has No Mortgage

Bank of America stole Jason’s house from him, putting it through foreclosure even though he has no mortgage, with them or anyone, and he paid for it in cash.

The house was going through foreclosure when Jason bought it in December ’09 in a short sale, a scenario in which the bank allows the house to be sold for less than the value of the mortgage and accepts the loss.

It looks like though that the bank never told the courts to dismiss the foreclosure case and it continued to proceed. Jason didn’t find out this was going on until July of this year when he learned the title to his house had been transferred to a government-backed lender.

Not until the Sun Sentinel started prodding did Bank of America stir to action, promising to get the foreclosure rescinded at its own cost

“It looks like it was a mistake in communication between us and the attorneys handling the foreclosure,” a Bank of America spokesperson told the Sun Sentinel.


Man’s home sold out from under him in foreclosure mistake [Sun Sentinel] (Thanks to MercuryPDX!)

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