Meet Pumpple Cake, The Perfect Dessert To Go With Turducken

If a simple slice of pie or cake just isn’t complicated enough after you’ve gourged on the chicken-in-a-duck-in-a-turkey poulty Voltron known as turducken, then here’s a dessert for you. Meet Pummple Cake, which combines two kinds of fruit pies (apple and pumpkin) with two kinds of cake (vanilla and chocolate) into one divine mess — and at only 1,800 calories a slice.


The Flying Monkey, located in Philadelphia’s famous Reading Terminal Market, bakes this dessert-lover’s fantasy from scratch over the course of two days. It starts with the pies, which it par-bakes. The half-cooked pumpkin pie is dipped into chocolate cake batter and baked. The apple pie and vanilla cake get the same treatment and are baked on top of the chocolate cake. Its massive size means that it spends hours in the oven. Homemade buttercream is then — literally — the icing on the entire cake.

Flying Monkey sells slices — intended to feed four — for $8. A full Pummple Cake requires 72 hours advance notice and will run you $75.

Watch what happens when Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb — who thinks 1,800 calories is “a day and a half’s worth of food” — come face to face with the creation:


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  1. JoeDawson says:

    bit of a stretch calling Pumpkin a Fruit pie…. *SHUDDER*

  2. hotdogsunrise says:

    There is no way this can be delicious. Or even edible.

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I bet the frosting accounts for a large portion of the calories. Just scrape most of it off and you’re probably only consuming 1,000 calories! See? Better.

  4. patjk73 says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little

  5. Scuba Steve says:

    I must consume this cake!

  6. webweazel says:

    Reading Terminal…. mmmmm. Went to NJ on vacation recently. Took the train to Phila and spent as much time as possible in the terminal. I was like a druggie looking for excuses to get out of the house looking for a fix.
    Reading Terminal…. I miss you….. *racking sobs*

  7. tchann says:

    For the record, 1200 calories is the bare minimum for a woman to eat in a day. Any less and you start running the risk of your body entering ‘starvation mode’ and holding on to fat just in case. When I was losing weight I shot for 1250 a day, and lost two pounds a week.

    So yeah, a day and a half’s worth of calories in one slice. Yuck. x.x

    • Anri says:

      Uh no. 1200 calories/day may be the bare minimum for a woman who is 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, but most women are not in that size range.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        Yeah, it has a lot to do with size and weight. I’m not much taller or heavier than the example you provided, and I stick with about 1,250 maximum.

    • CyGuy says:

      Each slice is FOUR servings, so it’s only 450 calories per serving. Of which, I expect at least 250 calories is ridiculously thick layers of full fat, full sugar frosting.

      So if you chose to do so, you could enjoy this dessert consuming only about 200-250 calories.

  8. QC says:

    Um, I think they stole this idea from Charles Phoenix who has had a Cherpumple up on the web for almost a year now already.

    • Wickedly says:

      As soon as I saw this I was going to say the same thing…Charles Phoenix is awesome! A friend made cherpumple for a Christmas party last year…it was interesting to say the least!

    • Wickedly says:

      As soon as I saw this I was going to say the same thing…Charles Phoenix is awesome! A friend made cherpumple for a Christmas party last year…it was interesting to say the least!

  9. sonneillon says:

    They like it. I dunno. For all that work they should have just made an icecream cake.

  10. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    Looks delicious and nutritious!

  11. nbs2 says:

    Now I’m all disappointed. They mentioned this on the radio the other night, but I wasn’t paying much attention. they ended up talking about Cheesecake Factory portions, which led me to think that this was an some sort of cheesecake creation. I think that would be even better. Maybe bake an apple pie inside of a pumpkin cheesecake?

    I am probably going to try to make something like this this winter…

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      Actually… a cheesecake filling inside a thick and moist cake “crust” … sounds like it would be awesome. The crusts were always the most blah part of a cheesecake to me.

      • segfault, registered cat offender says:

        Something like an Oreo crust is always good, though.

      • Bibliovore says:

        You might try Junior’s devil’s food cheesecake — alternating layers of cheesecake and devil’s food cake. I’m told it only lost the Bobby Flay Cheesecake Throwdown because the judges declared that it wasn’t, strictly speaking, cheesecake, but that it did win the audience vote. Junior’s cheesecakes are seriously, seriously good.

  12. Talisker says:

    This is the cake that you’d be served by Dr. Moreau.

  13. Rocket says:

    O.o I want a piece of that. NOW!

  14. golddog says:

    “1800 calories a slice? That’s like a day and a half of food calories, or the two pitchers or margaritas that we drink before we start the show every morning!”

    I love the clumsy transition to the Zach Galafanakis story at the end of the video.

  15. ConsumerPop says:

    I actually saw this last week, and man, it looked delicious.

  16. dreamfish says:

    That cake is indeed disturbing.

    For a more calming image:

  17. JulesNoctambule says:

    ‘Dessert lover’s fantasy’? Hardly. That thing looks absolutely appalling, from the mishmash of textures and flavours to the ridiculous name.

  18. vicarp says:

    for some people 1800 calories IS a day and a half of calories. I am 5’2″ on a diet, and in order to lose 1.5 lbs a week I have a daily budget of 1152 calories.

  19. xredgambit says:

    BUT WHAT ABOUT MEL GIBSON!!!! Sure the cake looks amazing and I’d kill a hobo to get one, but I’d kill a hobo for a turkey sammich.
    DAMN YOUS INTERNET!!!! I wanted to find out about Mel and the video cut out.


  20. XTC46 says:

    I showed this to my boss, he immediately emailed a friend in Phillidelphia to go get him one (We live in hawaii)

    His request was declined, but one of out co-workers claims she can make one, so we shall see.

  21. Jane_Gage says:

    I just got diapukearrhea.

  22. jillian says:

    Did Flying Monkey swipe this idea from L.A. retro entertainer Charles Phoenix?