I Can't Find My Phone Dials Your Cell For You

Wallet, keys, check. Cellphone? Gah! Where did I put that darn thing?

Icantfindmyphone.com lets you type in your cellphone number and it will dial it for you so you can locate it underneath the pillow, couch cushion or pants pocket it’s hiding in. Handy in those situations where there’s not another phone nearby but you do have an internet connection.

A cheery robo voice calls you up and says “It looks like you found your phone. Have a great rest of the day.” The site says that it’s for entertainment purposes only and he’s not harvesting your number for anything. It doesn’t seem to work with Google Voice numbers, however.

It’s like an ad-free version of wheresmycellphone.com.

icantfindmyphone [Official Site via Swiss Miss]

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