Hidden Camera Catches Rogue Movers Holding Goods Hostage

Rogue movers. They quote you a great price for moving your stuff but once they show up to the destination, all of a sudden the price more than doubles. If you don’t pay up, they won’t let you have your stuff. CBS13 kept getting complaints about one company doing just that, so they set up a juicy hidden camera investigation to catch them in the act, and catch them they did… driving away with all their stuff!

To protect yourself from getting ripped off by unscrupulous movers:

* Get recommendations from friends, don’t just go with the lowest price
* Never get an estimate over the phone, they need to see your stuff first
* Don’t sign a blank form
* Make sure they give you a “not to exceed” price

Call Kurtis Investigation: Rogue Movers [CBS13]

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