Commission Cites Halliburton For Lax Pre Oil-Spill Tests

BP insisted that the blowout and resulting oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico wasn’t all its fault, and the government agrees.

The Huffington Post reports the presidential oil spill commission cited Halliburton for recommending a faulty cement mixture that failed to prevent oil and gas from entering the well responsible for the April 20 incident that killed 11 workers and caused the spill that devastated the gulf.

The mix of foam slurry to seal the bottom of the well caused the blowout. Halliburton conducted four tests on the mixture and only the last one — apparently a false positive — found that it would hold.

The story said Halliburton was reviewing the findings and BP had no comment.

Halliburton Cited By Oil Spill Commission For Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Blowout [Huffington Post]

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