Which Is Worse To Find In Your KFC: Chicken Brain Or Kidney?

A KFC customer in the UK is fuming mad — and claims to have missed days of work due to mental distress — after he bit into his order of fried chicken only to find a bit of mystery material that appeared to be some sort of organ.

Convinced he’d stumbled upon a chicken brain in his KFC, the man took the item in question back to the restaurant, where he was offered an apology and a full refund (about $24). But that wasn’t sufficient, he says.

“I had to take days off work because I was feeling so sick and I have lost money,” he tells the Swindon Advertiser. “The company have only offered to give me the cost of the meal back and that is not acceptable.”

Upon looking into the matter further, KFC claims the organ in question wasn’t a brain but a chicken kidney:

We always try to ensure the highest standards in all of our stores. However, on this very rare occasion, the chicken was not fully trimmed prior to cooking.
We have contacted our suppliers, who have identified the item as a kidney.
While there was no health risk, we agree that this is unsightly.

In spite of this statement, the customer remains convinced his initial impression was correction. “It is clearly a chicken brain and no matter what anyone else says I know what I found,” he says.

The main is now considering legal action against the chicken chain.

For pictures of the evidence, check out the original story here.

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