Congrats, You Won A Text From A Scammer, Not $200 From Target

Jim filled out a Target survey for the chance to win $5,000, and was excited to get a seemingly related phone call from someone telling him he had won a $200 runner-up prize. Then his heart sank when the guy on the other line demanded a $2.95 shipping fee up front to collect his money. Noting the dead giveaway of a con, he refused.

He writes:

I got a text message today saying I won $200 to call to collect my winnings. I called them and gave them my name then they wanted me to pay a $2.95 S/H charge and wanted my credit card number. I told them to take it off the $200.00 and just send the $197.95. Well I knew they were scamming me so I ask if they were trying to scam me and they hung up.

Kids, be like Jim and never give your credit card number out to friendly contest prize announcers.