Why Does ShopRite Need My Credit Card Info To Buy Liquor When I'm Paying Cash?

Over at Reddit, things are buzzing with a story from one 23-year-old reader who went to their local ShopRite in New Jersey to pick up some beer only to be told they needed to fill out a form that includes their credit card number — even though they weren’t using their credit card.

From Reddit:

I was buying a 6 pack of beer. I expected to be carded and kindly showed her my ID – no problem, but then the clerk asked me to fill out this form that is now required for all customers under 26. I was a little taken aback, but even more so when I saw the form. Turns out it is quite detailed, requiring your drivers license #, address, credit card # (I was not paying by credit and this was still necessary), and the other such info. Apparently they then keep the form on file and you initial it every time you buy liquor, up to 5 times, whence you need to fill out a new form…
I told her it was nothing personal but I found it ridiculous and wouldn’t be buying alcohol from them any more.

We’ve contacted ShopRite HQ for comment to see if this is a new company policy or just something going on at this particular store. We will update this post when/if we get a response.

My local ShopRite’s new alcohol policies for customers under 26 – a disgusting abuse of privacy [Reddit]

Thanks to Sandy and Nick for the tip!

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