Mining Garbage Bins For Treasures

When you dig through public garbage bins, you’re most likely breaking the law. But those who are bold and fearless can find some valuable, useful items that may convince you to throw caution to the foul-smelling wind.

On his blog Budgets Are Sexy, J. Money pens an ode to the art of searching through garbage receptacles for prized goods. He says he’s hauled in book shelves, paintings, furniture and an antique Bible.

A side note: In these times of rampant bedbug infestations, a bug exterminator tells me you should be aware that snagging discarded clothing or furniture puts you at risk of dragging the creepy-crawlies into your home. This is information I could have used in my early 20s, when just about all my furniture came from the side of the road.

What’s your most impressive garbage-hunting score?

Let’s Go Dumpster Diving! [Budgets Are Sexy]

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