Get Debt Free With One Manila Folder

When you’re facing a pile of debt and unpaid bills, the task before you can seem overwhelming. You’d much rather be pounding Olde English and watching old Daily Show episodes. The key is to get it all organized and in one place, and it all starts with one manila folder.

No Credit Needed recommends these first two steps.

1. Find a manila file folder and label it “debt reduction plan”. This folder will contain all of the information that you will need to succeed.

2. Use the telephone and online access to your credit accounts and find out your current balances, current interest rates, due dates for all loans / credit cards, telephone numbers for each creditor, and addresses where creditors accept payments. Bonus Tip: Use a spreadsheet program to organize the information about your creditors, so that you can have instant access, whenever your might need it. Print a copy of the spreadsheet and place it in your “debt reduction plan” folder.

After that, you can reward yourself with some malt liquor and topical comedy and then the next day move on to his next steps.

(If you don’t have a manila folder, any color will do).

Preparing For Debt Reduction Success [No Credit Needed]

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