Lenovo Customer Service Is Incapable Of Sending Me The Right Battery

Steven would like a functioning battery for his Lenovo Ideapad. The computer is under warranty: he bought it less than three months ago. He writes that every time he calls their customer service center for a replacement battery, they send the wrong one. After the second time, this is becoming sort of tiresome.

I’ve had the worst time with Lenovo’s Customer Service call center based in the Phillipines for warranty-related concerns. I got an Ideapad z360 back at the end of July and recently had the battery completely up and die (apparently this is a known issue and numerous models experienced a recall, mine was not included but it seems odd that a brand new computer would have the battery die so soon.) I’ve spoken with a call center who identified themselves as in the Phillipines (there’s no insourced customer service like many technology companies) and they said they would mail out a replacement battery. They did, but it was the WRONG battery for a completely different model. Then I informed them they sent the wrong one, and they resent a replacement battery after I asked MULTIPLE times to ensure it wasn’t the same incorrect battery.

Of course today arrives with the 2nd replacement battery, and it is the SAME WRONG BATTERY for the same incorrect model. The call center they keep putting me in touch with is of no help and has disconnected with me many times. Do you have any executive customer service phone number or suggestions on how to finally get my concern addressed?

Yes, it’s time to escalate this. Lenovo responds well to executive e-mail carpet bombs, especially if you’re able to track down the e-mail address of their president and CEO. (We don’t have it.) Good luck.

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