Lenovo Customer Service Is Incapable Of Sending Me The Right Battery

Steven would like a functioning battery for his Lenovo Ideapad. The computer is under warranty: he bought it less than three months ago. He writes that every time he calls their customer service center for a replacement battery, they send the wrong one. After the second time, this is becoming sort of tiresome.

I’ve had the worst time with Lenovo’s Customer Service call center based in the Phillipines for warranty-related concerns. I got an Ideapad z360 back at the end of July and recently had the battery completely up and die (apparently this is a known issue and numerous models experienced a recall, mine was not included but it seems odd that a brand new computer would have the battery die so soon.) I’ve spoken with a call center who identified themselves as in the Phillipines (there’s no insourced customer service like many technology companies) and they said they would mail out a replacement battery. They did, but it was the WRONG battery for a completely different model. Then I informed them they sent the wrong one, and they resent a replacement battery after I asked MULTIPLE times to ensure it wasn’t the same incorrect battery.

Of course today arrives with the 2nd replacement battery, and it is the SAME WRONG BATTERY for the same incorrect model. The call center they keep putting me in touch with is of no help and has disconnected with me many times. Do you have any executive customer service phone number or suggestions on how to finally get my concern addressed?

Yes, it’s time to escalate this. Lenovo responds well to executive e-mail carpet bombs, especially if you’re able to track down the e-mail address of their president and CEO. (We don’t have it.) Good luck.


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  1. MrEvil says:

    Makes me want to stay away from Lenovo’s consumer products. Any think branded product They sell though has a call center in Atlanta… assuming you’re calling during normal business hours.

  2. kylere1 says:

    My place of business purchased several thousands Lenovo’s last year, they are the single worst laptops I have ever witnessed in 25 years of computer support. Their support is subpar, their technology is starting to look and feel like Soviet block equipment from the 70’s and 80’s.

    • sleze69 says:

      Buy Latitudes through Dell Small Business. Durable, reliable and American tech support. Completely different from the consumer side of Dell.

      • BobOki says:

        Dell is hands down the worst support possible. I was a platinum reseller and still could not get decent support.
        The last straw when I dumped them (and over $300,000 in sales to them) I had a customer with a laptop, he purchased 4 hour part replacement, night and weekends, and next day on site support had a mobo go bad in his latitude. It took Dell over a week to get a part on site, then the tech they sent turned out had never worked on a laptop before and I ended up changing the part myself.
        Lenovo, which we now resell, has had GREAT tech support, next day parts even when they don’t have next day part support, and has only failed for us on their server line (had a weird issue with a raid card, ended up being older firmware on the card I had to figure out myself). Their support is out of Atlanta, so if they really do anything bad, I will just drive up there ;P

  3. uber_mensch says:

    We use this one in Atlanta.

    • DoubleEcho says:

      Yeah, I was wondering why you got someone in the Phillipines. We use that number too for support, but my wife’s laptop (which is personal support) got serviced by them too. I got the support number for my wife’s laptop off of their site and it was an American call center (The guy had a southern drawl, kind of hard to replicate in the Phillipines!).

      Her battery issue was called in around 4:30pm and a battery was shipped to us at 8am the next morning, and that again was NOT business support.

    • elislider says:

      As stated by others, their Atlanta-based support center (which they make a point of noting every time you call) can be reached at 1-800-426-7378. I only do business support for the University I work for, so I dont know if their consumer support is the same, but you could still try to go through the business support line even though its for a personal product.

  4. kc2idf says:

    I wonder if China’s embargo of rare earth metals means no more Lenovo computers?

  5. Frank says:

    It’s either the wrong battery or it’s a battery for the wrong model, not both.

    • Rommel says:

      I think he means that it was the wrong battery for the model he had, and for the wrong model… well… that’s obvious.

  6. Steve H. says:

    This is sad for me to see since I like Lenovo’s Thinkpad and they’ve often had some of the lowest return rates. I had a problem with a lenovo laptop once with a bad connection to the display (a black screen would show up green). I called up support and they sent me a prepaid shipping box to send the laptop to the repair service. It came back a week or so later all fixed with no cost to me.

    This was, of course, a couple years ago.

    • georgi55 says:

      Ideapad =! Thinkpad, they have separate support team for Thinkpads and you get faster and better support, and I speak from experience. Anything Lenovo that is not Thinkpad is pretty much junk.

  7. erickbatton says:

    I had almost the exact same problem with my Dell laptop a few years ago. I needed a new charger and they sent the wrong one. When I called to complain that they had sent the wrong one they kept telling my the one they had sent would work. The plug wasn’t even close to the same shape as the slot. After several minutes of them telling me that I was wrong and that it would work I had to get to the point of yelling before they would listen to me trying to explain about the different size and shape of the charger connector. So frustrating. Never did get them to send the right one. Had to get one off of ebay.

  8. Darren says:

    The customer support experience described here is unfortunate to be sure, but I wouldn’t paint Lenovo tech support with so broad a brush. I don’t have any experience with support for the IdeaPad laptops like Steven’s but the ThinkPads are still designed in Research Triangle Park, NC and 24-hour phone support is provided by staff in Atlanta, GA. Depot repair (FL?) is typically complete in 3 days to a week round trip and on-site support is next day. I’ve been purchasing ThinkPads for five years and the support experience has been unchanged through that time, during which the ThinkPad line was sold by IBM to Lenovo.

  9. AllanG54 says:

    IBM couldn’t build competitive laptops so they sold that whole part of the company to Lenovo years ago. I don’t think there’s been any improvement since.

  10. Mark_Lenovo says:


    I can appreciate Steven’s frustration, and this certainly seems like a process breakdown of some sort that we would like to understand and help get resolved. Steven is welcome to email me at markah@lenovo.com and I will ensure his problem is resolved and that the process issue is corrected. I can also be reached in Lenovo’s forum – another good source for customer advocacy.

    Thanks for helping Steven get assistance!


    • Hoss says:

      Mark, In viewing your comment history I have concerns about the quality of your support team. Can’t there be a review of procedures?

      • newyorkjerry says:

        No doubt about it, Lenovo’s offshore service people are badly trained, misinformed, and not empowered to make things right. I’ve only had good experiences with their U.S. based people though. And once, with a broken laptop screen based on my own foolish leaving a pencil inside before closing the machine, I got the screen replace, at no charge, at a Lenovo / IBM service location in Brasil. That saved me so much money that they have me for life, unless they do something bad to make up for this great action.

  11. RTWinter says:

    I’ve had really good experince with Lenovo’s customer service. After my hard drive died, I phoned them on a Saturday. The tech guy walked me though some steps to see what it was exactly. By Monday afternoon I had a brand new HDD at my house along with some install disks.

  12. Rain says:

    My brother has a Thinkpad, in Canada. There was a problem with his display so he dropped it of at their authorized tech centre a little while before his warranty expired back in August. He still doesn’t have it back. The technician working on his computer has told us that they have replaced everything except the motherboard, had to request parts one at a time after the warranty expired due to Lenovo’s policies, and Lenovo is now refusing to supply any new parts because his computer is out of warranty. Even though it was in warranty when he dropped it off for repairs two months ago. He suggested that he call Lenovo directly and complain so they would stop the choke hold on the parts. That got him nowhere. I suggested he fire off an EECB. He never got a response. The technician said he would try and get a new display by stating the previous one he got before the warranty expired was defective.

    My brother is disabled and can’t write well. He needs a computer for school and got a laptop so he could take it with him. Now he’s been stuck using my Mom’s desktop. There will be no further Lenovo purchases in this household.

  13. newyorkjerry says:

    When I bought a Lenovo last year, it had shipping damage. The offshore customer “service” people were no help in getting a replacement, wanting me to send photos so they could think it over and decide later if they would replace the DOA machine. Things were solved quickly, though, when I asked for Sales, and was routed to U.S. based service, where the people were quite helpful in replacing my dead machine, with no fees or runaround. This might work in this case too.

  14. Not Again says:

    Lenovo makes great computers, especially the Laptops. But unfortunately their Tech support is a bit odd. It took me three months and having to talk to three levels of tech support before they finally sent me out a new bluetooth keyboard for my desktop. Each tech telling me that they will be sending me out a new keyboard, each one wanting to see if they can solve the problem before sending the replacement out. Me telling each one that my other non Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard was working fine with the Lenovo desktop. I mean c’mon, it’s a Keyboard. Why do I need to talk to 3 levels of tech support to tell me what I already knew…, the keyboard is defective.

  15. parv says:

    “It’s not your (grand)father’s ThinkPad company.” :-(

  16. MacUser1986 says:

    Get a Macbook. 