Putting A Lime In Your Beer Could Lead To Spotty Skin

To some, putting a lime wedge into your Corona is essential. But one dermatologist says to be careful when you mix the two, lest you end up with “Mexican Beer Dermatitis.”

According to an article in Archives of Dermatology, there’s a substance in lime juice that can cause prolonged skin discoloration if left on the skin out in the sun.

From the NY Daily News:

Mexican beers, particularly Corona, are typically served with a lime slice wedged in the top of the bottle. The drinker shoves the lime into the bottle and holds his or her thumb over the bottle’s mouth while turning the bottle over to mix in the juice.

But if the drinker is not careful, the beer’s carbonation can spray lime juice and beer all over his or her skin — “especially in a patient who is shirtless by a beach or pool,” wrote Flugman, a dermatologist in New York.

Flugman says he sees two to three cases a year of Mexican Beer Dermatitis.

“People are worried that it’s something serious. You might have some brown spots you’re been looking at for a few months,” he says. “If you do this and you spritz the beer or the lime, just wash it off. Don’t leave it on there and sit out in the sun.”

‘Mexican beer dermatitis’: Booze plus lime can cause nasty skin rash [NY Daily News]

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