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Judge: Beer Drinkers Can’t Sue Red Stripe For “Jamaican Style” Beer Brewed In The U.S.

Just because something is made in another country’s style, does that mean it has to actually be produced in that foreign land? Not necessarily, a judge said recently in dismissing a potential class action lawsuit accusing Red Stripe of false advertising, among other things, because its “Jamaican style lager” has been made right here in the United States since 2012. [More]

Back where it alllll started.

Someone Needs To Clarify When I Should Be Eating These Walmart Donuts

These donuts seem to be a bit indecisive as to when they will be at their prime tastiest. Were they the best before March 31? Or would April 1 do? Maybe April 2 is okay for these baked goods from Walmart. Who’s to say, really, when there are three tags on one package of donuts? [More]