Microsoft Betting A Billion It Can Convince You To Try Kinect, Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is dipping into its vault of marketing cash and heading off on a nearly $1 billion shopping spree to promote its two upcoming technical epiphanies, the hands-free Xbox 360 Kinect controller and the iDroidBerry challenger Windows Phone 7.

All Things Digital reports the company is making like Matt Damon in Rounders and going all in on the marketing campaigns, funneling $500 million into Kinect and $400 million on Windows Phone 7.

You can expect Microsoft commercials on Glee and Dancing with the Stars, and the company will take over YouTube’s homepage in addition to throwing a mega Times Square shindig.

Microsoft is wasting its money on you if you’ve already heard of the products and decided either way on whether or not you’re in.

Where do you stand on the new Microsoft offerings, and do you think the sledgehammer ad campaigns will turn you off or intrigue you?

Microsoft’s Billion Dollar Media Bailout Plan [All Things Digital via Joystiq]

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