Walmart Said I Needed Wisconsin Driver's License To Buy With Credit Card

Matthew says a Wisconsin Walmart demanded not only an ID with his MasterCard purchase, but a Wisconsin state driver’s license. Because Matthew is from out of state, he was out of luck. Read on to see whether or not Matthew escaped the store with his munchies:

I was buying about $26 worth of merchandise, and everything rung up and then I used my Citi MasterCard to pay. I was told that I needed to show my card and ID. I gave the cashier my credit card, but not my ID, being aware that MasterCard rules state a signed card cannot have ID required. I told the cashier, the card was signed on the back, and got told I needed to show ID.

To make things worse, I was told that the ID needed to be a Wisconsin driver’s license. Since I just moved to the state, I don’t have one yet. Then she said she could “give me a break” but “bring a license next time.”

Frustrated with this, I took the stuff I bought to the return counter and returned everything but the bottle of soda that I had already opened and drank from.

He would have had to have returned that soda as “pop,” as we’re told the product is referred to in that region.