CVS Cashier Won't Sell Me Medicine For My Kid

Valerie got some free parenting advice from a CVS cashier. She says that when she took her 1-year-old daughter in to get some Benadryl to sooth her rash, the cashier refused to sell it to her because it says on the bottle that the product is for kids 4 and older. Valerie says she’d already gotten the approval from the pediatrician.

She writes:

I went to CVS to buy Benadryl my 1yr old was scratching her face, turning red, getting little bumps on her face and I picked up the children’s Benadryl and the cashier would not sell it to me and she saw how my baby face looked, she said do you see this under 4 do not take and refused to sell it to me even though her pediatrician said it was OK.

I had to drive 10 min to another CVS to get it and watch my daughter closely to make sure her throat did not swell but her lip became swollen on one side and one eye was a little swollen . I got the Benadryl at the other CVS no problem. The next day I called the CVS and spoke to the supervisor and she apologized and took my name and number and said she was going to talk to the manager over her about the cashier, here it is two weeks later no phone call.

I am so mad I wish I could sue them for her refusing to sell me medication for my child because of her own personal thoughts.That was a very serious situation. Did she really think I would just give my daughter medication without consulting her pedi? What should I do?

If I were Valerie I would have told the clerk that my daughter looked young for her age and thanked her for the compliment. What would you have said?

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