How To Give An Electric An MPG When They Don't Run On Gas?

Cruising the electric cars on the showroom floor, consumers could soon be faced with an array of new numbers and stats on the piece of paper in the car window. Until now we’ve just had the traditional city vs highway MPG, but how do you give a rating that makes sense to car that doesn’t run on gas?

The EPA says they’re coming out with a new rating that will cover electrics. Manufacturers expect it will be some sort of mpg equivalency.

“Right now it looks like there’s going to be a lot on the label,” G.M.’s vice chair of global product operations told the New York Times. “They’re trying to figure out what are all the variables that customers are going to see out there.”

They better figure it out soon, the cars are set to hit the road this December.

Plug-In Cars Pose Riddle for E.P.A. [NYT via Pat’s Papers]

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