Why Are TV Ads For Lawyers So Unbelievably Sh&%!y?

There’s a reason that the commercials nominated for Consumerist’s first ever Worst Ad In America competition had to be nationally broadcast ads — Because if we’d included local TV spots, all the nominees would probably have been for personal injury law firms.

The folks at Asylum.com recently put together a round-up of 10 hilariously awful attorney ads that plague daytime and late-night TV. Below are some of our faves from their list:

Barry Glaser, defender of the peed-upon:

I think this rap was written by the composer of these Wendy’s training videos:

This lawyer’s straight talk will either have you signing up with him or hating yourself because you’re such a moron:

1-800-Victim-2, the scourge of every daytime TV watcher in the NYC area:

10 Hilariously Awful Television Commercials for Lawyers [Asylum.com]

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